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Digital tools to drive growth for medical device companies

Remote Monitoring Software

Andersen’s custom-built software upscales the monitoring of patients’ vitals and condition biomarkers, allowing better management by RPM devices.

Custom SaMD

As an ISO 13485-certified software developer, Andersen ensures that your SaMD is engineered at the proper level of quality and risk management according to the IEC 62304:2006 guiding principles.

Process Automation

Establish smart workflows with Andersen’s custom Process Automation solutions to optimize manufacturing and distribution networks, enhance supply chain planning, reduce costs, etc.

Predictive Analytics Tools

Andersen develops custom Data Analytics tools to evaluate patient risks, drive better clinical decisions, improve the quality of care and patient outcomes, and help companies gain useful insights.

Decision Making Solutions

Make use of Andersen’s expertise to bring together medical imaging and other patient data to help medical teams make better-informed and quicker clinical decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Andersen’s AI solutions for medical imaging analysis, with clinical decision support and diagnostics assistance, will improve patient outcomes and provider effectiveness.

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Ivan Zaguriev, Business Development Manager
Ivan Zaguriev

Challenges we solve

Inefficient data management

Andersen’s data warehousing services help medical device companies address data security, availability, and scalability challenges, enabling businesses to store and leverage data efficiently, cut infrastructure costs, etc.

Ecosystem compatibility

Resilient and compatible architecture of digital solutions designed and built by Andersen’s IT Architects will ensure any system’s high-performance and scalability as the number of users grows.

Regulatory compliance

Andersen’s Regulatory Compliance Management experts will help with identifying the rules, standards, and procedures applicable to the Medical Device industry and incorporate compliance obligations into your daily operational activities.

Interoperability issues

Andersen successfully addresses health information systems’ interoperability issues to secure seamless sharing of patient records and to reduce medical errors and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

High product development costs

Andersen's Health Information Exchange (HIE) solutions help improve connections, lower procedure repetition, reduce duplicate tests, address data challenges, and save funds so that your business always stays cost-effective.

Quality SaMD development

Having a solid tech background and expertise accumulated and refined over 15 years, Andersen delivers best-in-class custom software solutions to address Medical Device industry business challenges and support your growth.

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