Craig Lipset on the Pharma of today and tomorrow

Craig Lipset, the founder of Clinical Innovation Partners and a famous innovator in the field of clinical trials and medicine development, talks with Andersen about pharmaceutical market trends, modern approaches to trial methods, the future investment landscape of the Pharma industry, and other subjects of interest.

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Andersen effectively runs every stage of the software development life cycle to deliver reliable solutions to support your research processes and ensure the best outcomes in the Pharma industry.

  • Research process automation tools to facilitate your research and development;

  • Solutions for preventing the adverse effects of drugs to minimize health and business risks;

  • Advanced solutions for greater patient engagement, better patient outcomes, and optimal medication adherence.


Andersen’s experts help medical device companies build advanced RPM tools for continuous tracking and analytics, software for DICOM processing, medical-grade wearable devices, and more.

  • AI-assisted software for multi-modal imaging processing and surgical needs;

  • Digital measuring tools to track patient outcomes and analyze patient recovery;

  • Interoperable solutions to deliver patients' health, activity, and location data to clinicians.

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