Custom Sharing, Pooling, and Car Rental Software

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Custom Sharing, Pooling, and Car Rental Software

Shared mobility is the future of the transportation industry. With top-notch solutions developed by Andersen for car sharing, rental, and pooling, you will ensure seamless visibility with all data collected, transmitted, and processed in real-time.

Rental Fleet Management Software

Reliable solutions with fleet reporting functionalities to control your vehicle rental activities:

  • Car rental booking software and car rental reservation systems

  • Rate management solutions (quoting tools that generate rates based on variables)

  • Third-party and custom GPS software integration for real-time vehicle tracking

  • Cloud-based Car Rental Software solutions with detailed dashboards

Rideshare and Carpooling App Solutions

Tailored-fit web and mobile tools for station and zone-based carsharing and intelligent rideshare operations with trip planner features:

  • Ridesharing management software (intelligent matching, reservations, messaging, and planning)

  • Reporting tools tracking your progress, with charts, maps, and categorized data

  • Geolocation solutions enabling real-time GPS and GIS tracking

Rental Accounting Software Solutions

Track your KPIs via cloud-fueled bookkeeping tools and advanced reservation systems:

  • Rental insurance software solutions that cover accident insurance, liability protection, roadside assistance, damage waivers, etc

  • Integration with third-party insurance platforms for expedited claims processing and information transfers

  • Payment gateway integrations, rental payments, and billing software

  • Secure contract management platforms for rental agreements, customized forms, client management, etc

Rideshare Passenger, Admin, and Driver App Development

Thorough and real-time visibility of crucial ride-share business indicators, passenger apps with tools for seamless communication, booking and cancellation capabilities, ETAs and fare estimate functionalities, and comprehensive dashboards for drivers with turn-by-turn navigation:

  • Driver, passenger, and co-passenger rating feedback modules

  • Fully-automated dispatching software to assign roles, manage fleets, and monitor users

  • Integration with third-party background checker tools to register new drivers with complete transparency

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