Smart City Solutions

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Most common features to implement:

Smart Mobility Management Software

Optimize city management processes, enhance urban mobility, and promote economic growth while improving the quality of life for citizens via smart tech and data analysis:

  • Apply data-driven mobility solutions to monitor weather and road conditions, remotely control smart city traffic signals, assess tolls, locate parking spaces, etc.

  • Planning and routing software, including smart routing navigation systems for EVs and mobile apps for eMobility services, will help to promote sustainable transportation

  • Smart City Software based on IoT and connected sensors ensures exceptional experiences for your users and stable access to online transportation services

  • Urban mobility cloud-based apps, reinforced by modern DevSecOps practices, ensure the secure and stable performance of your city transportation and logistics systems

  • Parking solutions – including parking sign management, scenario management, and car parking reservation systems – give a full overview of parking facilities and events

Smart City Software

Reach out to Andersen to cut travel time and increase the visibility of all available transportation units, modes, routes, and schedules via on-demand and micromobility services:

  • Digital carsharing mobility software will minimize traffic congestion by decreasing pollution and the number of private cars on the road and satisfying commuters’ needs

  • Urban mobility solutions will solve the everlasting problem of finding free parking spaces near restaurants, shops, hotels, and other points of interest

  • Apps and integrations built by our team connect urban mobility systems with other platforms and solutions for an effortless exchange of data and easy access to services

  • Utility management systems, facility management software, and monitoring solutions delivered by our experts will reveal new horizons for your smart city projects

  • Analytics and reporting tools will provide you with calculations and estimates based on historical and real-time data via the latest AI and ML technologies

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Smart City Solutions

With IoT tools, location-based services, and data analytics, local authorities and private companies can make their cities more liveable, attractive, and sustainable.

Freight Forwarding Optimization

The team builds freight management platforms that support quoting and booking freight loads and reduce transaction times by streamlining information sharing.

Blockchain for Logistics and Supply Chain

Apply the potential of blockchain to ensure faster delivery, remove intermediaries, secure traceability, and maintain cost-efficiency.

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