Fleet Management Software Development

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Fleet Management Software Development

With fleet asset management software, your transportation fleets will function on time and within budget. You will be able to track your activities via fleet telematics software, assess your cost-efficiency, and make the right decisions.

Fleet Management Integrations

Integrate with external third-party tools (e.g., fuel cards, GPS devices, and maintenance centers) and obtain valuable insights based on Data Science to make the best business decisions for your fleet:

  • GPS tracking and telematics tools

  • Fueling system integration

  • Fleet card integrations to prevent fraud and misuse of funds

  • Mapping and navigation tools integrated into your Fleet Management Software

  • Billing and payment system integrations

  • API integrations with your ERP, CRM, POS, FSM, or any other platform

Route Planning Optimization Software

Boost the efficiency of your delivery, reduce costs, and optimize your driving time:

  • Custom delivery and courier route optimization software

  • Last-mile route optimization solutions

  • Automated dispatch, communication, and analytics platforms

  • Scheduling software, fleet routing tools, and mobile route planning apps

  • Connected vehicle telematics and GPS tracking software

  • Predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA) software

  • Automatically generated route tracking analytics

Fleet Maintenance Software

Automate your routine maintenance workflow in its entirety, monitor your fleet's equipment and tool inventory, and keep everything running seamlessly:

  • Custom modules collecting vehicle performance data from monitoring devices, timely maintenance reminders for drivers and dispatchers, and scheduling tools for preventive maintenance and repairs

  • Software to track assignment and location histories, as well as in-house and outsourced maintenance activities, with records covering each asset

  • Parts inventory software to analyze and optimize your inventory by defining various parts and tracking their flows. You can also re-order parts directly from the app, easily view and report excesses and obsolete parts

  • Vehicle maintenance reminders (a fleet's electrical and power systems, emission control systems, ignition systems, fuel systems, etc.) sent via SMS or email to both drivers and dispatchers to ensure driver safety, track mileages, and monitor driver performance

Fleet Management Solutions

Automate your fleet operation tasks, centralize all your data, and control costs with real-time metrics:

  • Cloud-based enterprise-grade fleet management solutions and asset management software

  • GPS tracking fleet management solutions, including route-optimization solutions with custom GIS software and third-party mapping apps

  • Fleet fuel management software to ensure visibility of all of your fuel costs, transactions, allocation, types, and MPG

  • Vehicle tracking software that processes real-time data on driving hours, miles, locations, engine conditions, etc.

  • Fleet management dashboard processing all fleet data in one place

  • Drivers' behavior monitoring software

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