Why Should You Build a Mobile App for Your Business?

Ilya Vishnevskiy

Ilya Vishnevskiy

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Sep 1, 2022
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According to recent statistics, there are over five billion mobile phone users globally who in 2021 downloaded various mobile applications 230 billion times! Companies that desire to win new customers and promote their brands are seizing the opportunity, moving their businesses to mobile. If you are considering joining them and ordering mobile application development services but don’t know where to start, read this article. In it, Andersen’s experts provide an overview of the market and useful recommendations for those who are about to start a custom mobile app development project.

Mobile development services: the market overview

According to Statista, the app market revenue worldwide will surpass $420 billion by the end of 2022, demonstrating annual growth of 6.58%. Its prevalent segments are games, social media apps, solutions for entertainment, shopping, fitness and vital signs measurement, online banking, and traveling.

Percentages of mobile using

Google Play with over three million apps is currently the largest app store followed by Apple’s App Store. Both platforms jointly host over five million apps. In 2022, there have been over 28 billion downloads of Android-based apps, while iOS-based apps have had approximately three times fewer downloads. Despite this, the latter proves more profitable when generating revenue.

The most promising technologies in app design and development include the following:

  • AI-based chatbots,
  • voice assistants,
  • improved analytics and personalization based on user geolocation and preferences,
  • greater performance with the use of 5G network capabilities,
  • gamification thanks to the advancement of VR and AR tools,
  • increased security with biometric authentication,
  • enhanced payment options thanks to integrations with third-party APIs, adoption of cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain.

Industries that benefited from going mobile

Andersen’s customers in all major industries benefit from collaborating with our mobile application development company. For fifteen years, our high-level developers, QA engineers, and UI/UX designers have been delivering feature-rich solutions for companies in Logistics, Healthcare, Finance, eCommerce, and more.


According to Statista, both mobile games and solutions for the iGaming industry generate over half of the mobile app revenue worldwide. Among Andersen’s solutions in this sphere, there is this sports betting app noticeable for live streaming of superior quality, advanced payment features, and real-time betting opportunities.

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Mobile banking is becoming increasingly popular, allowing users to view their account balances, make payments, and transfer funds in no time and in a secure fashion. Andersen has dozens of successful FinTech projects in its portfolio, such as this Android and iOS-based digital banking solution allowing for the seamless performance of B2B operations.

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The increased concern of people for their health has boosted the number of solutions for fitness, meditation, vital signs monitoring, nutrition, etc. Software provides for real-time communication with doctors, making appointments in a few clicks, seamless collection and storage of patient information, integration with EHRs, better analytics, and more. Andersen’s convenient and feature-rich solutions for healthcare are designed to bring the most value to their users, such as in the case of this app for scheduling workouts and generating individual meal plans.

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Media and entertainment

It is expected that in 2023 about half of all mobile phone users will view video content on their devices, increasingly turning to live streaming and video on demand mobile solutions. In addition, social media apps that also fall into this category generate about one-tenth of the mobile app market revenue. Among Andersen’s best-in-class solutions in the industry, there is this iOS app for a TV channel allowing its users to interact with their favorite video content in a convenient and seamless fashion.

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Shopping is increasingly going mobile. For instance, the social commerce market alone is demonstrating stunning annual growth of roughly 30% and is expected to reach $2 trillion by 2024. Our team of experts has delivered elegant solutions for numerous Retail and eCommerce companies, just like this one that seamlessly implements sophisticated business logic in the intuitive interface.

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Statistically, more than half of all automotive searches are done on mobile phones. Andersen delivers outstanding software for Logistics and Automotive, for example, this app for vehicle diagnostics in real-time and this solution for urban navigation.

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Why does your business need a mobile app?

Both users and companies win from using mobile apps.

Benefits for your business

When turning to a mobile application development company, you as a business enjoy the following advantages:

  • Increase your revenue. Mobile solutions personalize user experience and offer targeted ads, moreover, they streamline your communication with your clients and allow for making payments in a few clicks. All this together with in-app subscriptions, promotions, and coupons bind the audience to your app and encourage them to buy more.

  • Boost trust in your brand. A professionally built solution together with an adroitly managed marketing campaign helps users to be aware of the top-notch quality of your products and services.

  • Do better marketing. Improved analytics based on your clients’ app data, such as their geolocation and time in the app, allows you to launch effective and highly-targeted marketing campaigns and even automate them. Thus, you will better understand your client’s habits and behavior, reaching them with personalized offers of the right products at the most convenient time.

Benefits for your audience

For the audience, it’s beneficial to interact with a brand via a mobile app for the following reasons:

  • It’s convenient. A skillfully designed mobile app with an intuitive interface will allow your users to order goods and pay for services in no time. Whenever they need help, they can get an instant response from a chatbot or directly from a customer support agent via the app’s messenger service.

  • It’s personalized. Once your users log in, the app has their preferences, previous choices, and linked data from their social media stored. This streamlines their customer journey, allows for their participation in loyalty programs and other reward systems, and simplifies their interactions with your brand.

  • It occurs in real-time. Apps allow for real-time notifications on offers and transactions, always keeping your clients updated so that they won’t miss a thing.

What to consider before building a mobile app

Based on our extensive experience, Andersen’s team recommends you think through the following things before starting a project:

  • Clear business goal. This determines all project peculiarities starting from the choice of a suitable technology stack and ending with setting up an effective marketing campaign.

  • Exhaustive market research. This will allow you to plan your app’s feature set based on your competitors’ successful solutions and the market demand. At this stage, you might want to employ skilled Business Analysts who will provide you with accurate project cost and time estimations based on your business requirements.

  • Platform choice. Based on the platform of your choice or on your solution’s cross-platform nature, you will then hire a team with a matching technology stack. Andersen is in the right position to deliver you a high-performing Android, iOS, or hybrid solution based on your needs.

  • Compliance with industry laws. If your industry is one that necessitates the strict following of data security policies and industry-specific regulations, e.g. Healthcare or Finance, make sure that the custom software development company of your choice has solid cybersecurity practices in place and employs proficient subject matter experts. Thus, they will be able to consult with you on all the nuances of your industry-specific solution.

  • MVP development. Developing a market-winning mobile solution is often a multi-phase process that necessitates creating prototypes and improving them based on user feedback. When looking for an app design and development company, make sure that they, among other things, specialize in MVP development.

Final thoughts

Moving your business to mobile is a new stage of your company’s development. It will help you to increase your customer base and deliver your products and services to them in a seamless and efficient manner.

Having fifteen years of experience in custom mobile app development, Andersen is in the right position to undertake your development initiative of any complexity. Our team has successfully delivered Android-based, iOS-based, and cross-platform solutions to companies in all major industries. Feel free to contact us for a consultation, and we will be happy to help.

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