Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Mobile Development Team

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Aug 26, 2022
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If you’re about to start a custom mobile app development project, you might encounter some challenges. What platform and technologies to choose? How to combine simplicity with expressive and highly functional design? How to make precise cost and timeline estimations? One of the crucial challenges you’ll need to solve is how to assemble a high-performing mobile app development team. Read on for valuable tips on how to find skilled professionals you can rely on.

Things to know before hiring a mobile development team

Before you actually hire mobile app developers, you need to think through the following details so that you can look for specialists that will meet your business needs:

  • What type of app do you need? You can opt for native, hybrid, or cross-platform development depending on your ultimate goal. Based on this, you then will choose technologies and specialists with the needed qualifications. In the case of a native app, the technologies will be Objective-C, Firebase, Realm, Swift, etc. for an iOS-based solution and Kotlin, Java, etc. for Android-based apps. Cross-platform development requires the creation of solutions with the help of React Native, Ruby on Rails, Python, .NET, Ionic, Flutter, etc.

  • What are the requirements for your solution? To build software that will be highly ranked among your users and meet their needs, conduct thorough market research. Turning to experienced Business Analysts will be the best option as they will provide you with insights related to the market dynamics, your competitors’ existing solutions, and archetypical users, as well as elicit and document project requirements.

  • What is the project budget? Based on the Business Analysts’ research, you will know roughly how much the project will cost. The finances that you are willing to allocate to it determine its scope and the feature set of your software. When planning for the expenses, consider the difference in rates of specialists. This largely depends on their location, qualifications, and the cooperation model of your choice.

  • What are the deadlines? The project’s milestones and duration largely depend on its budget. Consider this when planning the creation of the minimum viable product and the end product.

Factors that impact the size of the development team

Typical mobile app development team structure

Not only developers are involved in the mobile app development process, especially on large projects. Your team may consist of the following specialists:

A Project Manager

The manager organizes the work in the team so that it can be performed with maximum efficiency and in accordance with the schedule and planned budget. This specialist is the point of contact with the customer to provide them with regular feedback on every stage of the project.

A Business Analyst

Thanks to the analyst, both the customer and the team get a clear vision of the app as a result of the product discovery. Thus, the team’s efforts are steered on the right course to meet product requirements. These are elicited, prioritized, and carefully documented by the specialist. The documents prepared by the expert include Vision and Scope, Software Requirements Specification, diagrams, user story maps, prototypes, and more.

The analyst considerably contributes to the structurization and prioritization of work in a product backlog. Change request management is their responsibility as well.

A UI/UX designer

Their job is to create user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. These are based on prototypes created in the course of the discovery phase. To draw up well-thought-out layouts, designers of mobile solutions should take into account the apps’ adaptability, their compatibility with Android-based or iOS-based platforms or both, and the need to ensure a seamless user experience.

A mobile developer

To implement the designed layouts, the developer writes code for every feature. This role requires a mastery of programming languages and frameworks for mobile app development for Android, iOS, or both, a solid knowledge of APIs to connect apps with a server, etc.

A QA engineer

These specialists have an important place among other app development team roles as thanks to them the solutions are highly performant and of top-notch quality. The apps are tried out on a wide range of mobile devices to ensure their compatibility with each of them for a seamless user experience. A QA engineer can even make changes in the business logic of the solution to improve its quality and security.

Mobile Development Team Composition

Types of software development teams to consider

When you are looking for custom mobile app development services, you will encounter several types of cooperation models to choose from. Each of them has its advantages and constraints that you should consider when choosing the one that suits your needs best.

Hiring in-house developers

With this option, you can be sure of the full commitment of your employees. They are in sync with your corporate culture and are usually highly motivated as they are subject to the company’s management. They are always within your reach and develop a deep knowledge of your product and industry.

The main constraints of this model are time-demanding recruitment and additional costs that include taxes, hardware, sick and maternity leave, maintaining offices, etc.

Hiring freelance developers

This option is well suited for small and not too complex projects where cost-effective solutions are needed. It releases you from additional payments associated with in-house employment and opens up the possibility to hire specialists with reasonable hourly rates from all over the world.

The pitfalls of this option are insufficient scalability, a risk of hiring underqualified workers, potential communication issues due to the difference in languages and time zones, and little possibility to influence the course of work or motivate the developers.

Turning to an IT outsourcing company

When you outsource mobile app development to a professional IT company, you benefit from getting access to a pool of experts with a proven track record in no time. Another advantage of this cooperation model is transparency when it comes to the project terms as its scope, cost, and deadlines are specified in a Service Level Agreement.

When entering into a contract with a third-party company, you would normally choose one of the following options.

Project-based outsourcing

In this type of cooperation, a customer hands over the full responsibility for the project to the IT company. The latter elicits project requirements and limitations and makes estimations of cost, timelines, needed resources, and expected results. A substantial advantage of this approach is having all your wishes taken into account while being relieved from both managing the work and involving your in-house team. This option is also good for building a minimum viable product or adding a piece of functionality to the existing solution.

Staff augmentation

This option refers to reinforcing your project with the best-matching specialists provided by a third-party company. Among its main pros is quick access to experts who have mastered the very technology stack you need and can be otherwise hard to find. At the same time, you remain in full control over the course of the development, and therefore, can direct it to achieve the desired priorities, milestones, and goals. This type of cooperation is well suited for companies with strong leadership and industry expertise who need a hand with the implementation of their envisioned initiatives.

Hiring a dedicated team

For mid and long-term projects that are rather complex, Andersen’s experts recommend this third option. It’s a good combination of gaining specialists with solid domain expertise and remaining in control of the decisions made on the project. While a skilled project manager or a Scrum Master is in charge of managing the team, the customer is involved in strategic planning. Moreover, the team can work under the leadership of your company’s Product Owner. This allows you to mitigate risks and have the project requirements clarified.

Steps to follow when hiring a mobile development team

How to build an app development team you can rely on? Consider taking the following steps:

  • decide on what type of engagement will meet your needs best;
  • look for specialists on dedicated platforms, e.g. websites with freelancers, business networking sites, and market research platforms, such as Clutch and GoodFirms;
  • make inquiries about your potential IT partner, which includes reading reviews of their customers, looking at their portfolio to find out more about their expertise, studying their hourly rates or requesting a preliminary project cost, and more;
  • contact the IT partner of your choice to formalize your relationship by signing an NDA and receiving documentation with cost and timeline estimations.


Hiring a dependable team consisting of seasoned specialists with vast expertise is half the battle. With them, you will surely obtain a product that will be designed and developed according to your instructions and with consideration of your business needs.

Andersen’s high-caliber experts with a proven track record in custom mobile app development are in the right position to undertake your software initiative and carry out your most ambitious ideas. Contact us for a free consultation, and our team of professionals will be delighted to give you a hand.

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