The Why’s and How’s of Custom AI Solutions: Expanding Horizons for Your Business

Karina Khatskevich

Karina Khatskevich

Content writer at Andersen

Nov 30, 2023
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  1. How does this tech work from the inside?
  2. The thriving sectors that have implemented it
  3. How can your business introduce game-changing practices?
  4. Andersen’s team is here to assist you

A stunning fact: within a mere two months of its release, the totally obscure ChatGPT garnered 100 million monthly active users. As a result, the innovation established itself as the most rapidly growing consumer application ever.

Ignoring the fact that AI app development is progressing at a lightning pace and drastically changing operations across industries amounts to deliberately admitting defeat in a fierce business race. In fact, an impressive 40% of all working hours in a firm is expected to be shaped and affected by the large language models, or LLMs, powering the new discoveries like Bard, Grok, and others. This is because — another surprising fact — language-related tasks of different complexity consume no less than half of your staff's overall working time. If you agree with the 98% of executive decision-makers who are confident that the incorporation of custom AI solutions will be a cornerstone of their strategies within the next three to five years, look through this piece.

Key technologies for a digital transformation strategy

How does this tech work from the inside?

The much-hyped AI software development is fueled by LLMs. These are categorized as generative AI, and they are also a class of foundational models. The latter operates on the basis of myriads of miscellaneous parameters to form a solid basis, or foundation, for various image- and language-crafting mechanisms.

Thanks to this tech, bots are granted unprecedented power to surpass mere learning and advancing capabilities by absorbing tons of records. They now can be sarcastic and creative, guess true user intentions and hints, and thus, give you a hand with multifaceted assignments.

The thriving sectors that have implemented it

AI software development is heralding a new era of total enterprise reinvention. Executives are already witnessing the extensive positive impact it has on personnel’s creativity and productivity. The innovation is, in the first place, reshaping the niches that are most prone to automation, e.g. finance, healthcare, logistics, retail, and more.

Applications of AI
  • In the banking sector, scripts have the potential to efficiently manage accounts and personal finance, come up with budgeting recommendations, assist clients with their inquiries, analyze risks, and detect fraudulent activities.

  • In insurance, bots are aimed at facilitating plan selection with consideration of all risks, handling quotes, various inquiries relating to policies, and claim notices.

  • In the media, such tools come in handy for the automated creation of various types of content based on rapid and thorough fact-checking across multiple sources.

  • In retail, scripts individually suggest items and services according to user unique preferences.

  • On an enterprise scale, technology derives insights from unstructured data, automates monotonous activities, schedules predictive maintenance for machinery, etc.

  • Within the logistics domain, turning to an AI development company can help you drastically streamline supply chains through demand forecasting and bottleneck recognition.

There are tons of activities AI development services facilitate and speed up, from crafting code and analyzing user sentiment to diagnosing diseases, booking accommodations, handling uncomplicated administrative work, and so on.

How can your business introduce game-changing practices?

Envision a scenario where everyone has a personal assistant well-versed in the entirety of the company's knowledge – encompassing its history, objectives, market dynamics, and operational procedures. Moreover, this helper swiftly interprets, analyzes, and applies a wealth of information in convenient formats within mere seconds.

Leveraging state-of-the-art capabilities, enterprises and firms are poised to revolutionize their workflows, giving the inevitable human-machine symbiosis its due. The drastic majority of roles are slated for transformation, empowering us to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity with the support of intelligent co-pilots.

Sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? However, that’s the new normal, and you’d rather be prepared for its coming. While most businesses are still opting for available ready-made programs, taking the next step and tailoring the algorithms to your unique needs promises unparalleled advantages.

To avail themselves of custom AI solutions, organizations need to fundamentally reconsider their overall strategies, emphasizing the responsible utilization of tech, the automation and subsequent evolution of processes, and the training of staff. Additionally, they should be aware of potential legal and ethical matters that adversely impact corporate reputation, e.g. confidentiality, authenticity, proprietary rights, and more.

The essential measures for effectively digitizing your processes using intelligent algorithms encompass:

  • Adopting a two-fold strategy: leverage pre-built programs for rapid initial achievements, all the while reshaping your business through custom AI development services to craft tools individually tailored to your data.
Custom software VS off the shelf software
  • Prioritizing talent at the core: persist in investing in talent to guarantee the advancement and application of intelligent systems. Foster tech proficiencies like AI engineering and enterprise architecture, and implement company-wide training to empower your team in effectively engaging with AI-supported processes.

  • Ensuring the readiness of in-house data: as cutting-edge models demand extensive curated data for learning, prioritize its preparation by establishing systematic workflows to strategically acquire, enhance, safeguard, and leverage data.

  • Committing to sustainable tech investments: prior to integrating cutting-edge programs, conduct a brief assessment of existing infrastructure, architecture, operating models, and governance needs, taking into account not only expenditure but also sustainability considerations. To infuse ethical principles across departments, incorporate risk assessment controls right from the outset, during the discovery phase.

  • Expediting ecosystem advancements: cultivating resources and expertise is essential for the growth and expansion of apps. Therefore, choose dependable service providers with solid practices.

Andersen’s team is here to assist you

We find ourselves at the onset of a remarkably thrilling era poised to transform the way we access information, create content, address customer needs, and lead businesses. Undoubtedly, you might be keen to instantly bring to fruition these promising initiatives that are, figuratively speaking, within arm's reach.

If you're contemplating the impediments, financial implications, and use cases of intelligent algorithms but find yourself unsure of where to commence, here's how Andersen can provide assistance:

  • Our experts will carry out a thorough evaluation of assignments, procedures, and responsibilities within your firm to come up with best-matching solutions that align with your unique business scenario.

  • Our AI development company will also undertake an exhaustive discovery phase, incorporating in-depth market research to help you identify high-value implementation scenarios, differentiate features and strengths that will set you ahead, and calculate how the newly introduced solution will impact your functioning outlays.

  • After the assessment, we work in tandem with you to craft a comprehensive roadmap, outlining a clear scope, stages, timeframes, required expertise, and costs. This deliverable prioritizes both instant and longstanding enhancements, and our engineers subsequently proceed with their implementation.

Avail yourself of partnering with a team that possesses extensive engineering prowess, comprehensive digitalization capabilities, and proficiency in AI software development.