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Mapon is a Latvian platform for logistics and transportation management. With it, end-users can access a wide range of asset tracking and fleet management capabilities in real-time.

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The need for proper video telematics solutions is an obvious trend in the logistics industry of today. It is noteworthy, some basic capabilities had already been available within the core of the customer’s platform before their collaboration with Andersen began. However, the customer did require a third-part app for some of their use cases, as those capabilities were insufficient. Thus, the main idea behind that IT project was to ensure a seamless and productive user experience via integration with several external video telematics platforms. The task was quite challenging, as it was required not to reveal the fact that those external platforms would function behind the scenes.

duration5 months


JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Redux


PHP, Redis, Node.js, Golang



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One of the main features our IT experts worked on was the capability to transfer information from DVR cameras installed in drivers' cars to the platform via REST API. As a result, the customer was enabled to see, in real-time, not just the exact location, but also video live streams themselves. Another feature of importance is being able to playback video archives from hardware units (accomplished via HTTPS API), downloading specific fragments to permanent cloud storage, and the option to download videos to PCs.

  • Fuel management enables one to monitor fuel consumption rates and margins via high accuracy fuel sensors. Hence, one can track their average fleet indicators over different periods. For example, one can Identify vehicles with the highest fuel consumption coupled with their routes. Moreover, one’s fleet planning activities are also facilitated as knowing your fuel indicators in real-time fuel levels helps manage refueling stops and locations. On top of that, fuel theft can be easily detected via graphs of high precision
  • Such advanced capabilities as effective route planning, GPS tracking in real-time, any particular driver's route and speed, behavior monitoring (e.g. eco speed, excessive idle hours and idle motion, cruise control, harsh braking, and inadequate acceleration, etc.), geofences, and detailed reporting available with all-encompassing live maps
  • Carsharing capabilities, i.e. prioritization based on defined mileage settings so that your fleet’s employees can see which vehicles are being used or reserved for being used
  • Fleet efficiency dashboard featuring such helpful elements as upcoming vehicle service dates, repair costs, expiring documents, mileage, and more
  • Other solutions capable of optimizing the way your vehicles are used, such as automated calculation of your fleet efficiency on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Task management capabilities, including scheduling, dispatching, and drivers’ task management


  • With Andersen’s assistance, the customer greatly sped up the development process to deliver new features
  • It also became possible to obtain video evidence of critical incidents in a timely fashion
  • Increased client satisfaction rates
  • Perfectly functioning and stable video live streaming tool

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