Custom Digital Wallet Development

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Custom digital wallet development

Manage all your credit cards, coupons, memberships, and more.

Mobile wallet app development

Always connected and empowered by technology, clients nowadays require cutting-edge highly-secured financial solutions that make payments as easy as possible. The most common features are:

  • Mobile wallet app design

  • Self-registration tools

  • Instant payments between wallets

  • Bill payment automation

  • Wallet access security solutions

  • Transaction management software

  • Bank account integration

eWallets need to be more innovative than ever to provide outstanding features that ensure not only high security but also great client experiences.

Digital onboarding solutions

Integrate support and product content as a part of your UX to shape stronger client relationships. Capture data and pass it to your CRM, user database, or analytics platform to track results and trigger workflows. The most common features are:

  • Acquisition processing of client details

  • Encrypted data transmission & storage

  • Real-time client engagement

  • Client data accumulation

  • Rapid user testing and feedback

  • Custom onboarding solutions

Anticipate clients' needs to solve issues, remove friction, and deliver value by targeting and launching prompts, hotspots, and guides proactively.

EMI software development

Building platforms for digital money issuers and covering wide functionalities - from transaction processing to a website framework containing a client account interface. The most common features are:

  • EMI development consulting

  • Client verification functionality

  • KYC and AML integration

  • Automated data processing solutions

  • BaaS integration

  • Partner data management

Payment methods can be seamlessly integrated into any online store, service website, or payment gateway, ensuring a smooth transaction flow.

Digital money transfer solutions

Carry out flexible operations effectively with Forex management, fees, and rates.

  • Transfer processing management software

  • Transfer limit tools

  • Integrated exchange rates

  • Multi-method transfer (M2B, M2M, M2C)

  • Secure remittances

  • Forward contracts

  • Fee optimization solutions

The online hassle-free process reduces paperwork and increases processing and delivery speed.

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