Why Is Ruby on Rails a Great Choice for Your Project in 2022?

Alexey Kasianenko

Alexey Kasianenko

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Aug 2, 2022
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Ruby is an interpreted, dynamic, reflective, and high-level programming language based on an object-oriented paradigm. It provides developers with a great number of patterns for software design and architecture. In this piece, Andersen’s experts in Ruby on Rails development will explain what makes it an intelligent choice for a software project.

A few facts about Ruby

Back in 1995, Yukihiro Matsumoto known by the nickname Matz released the first version of a new language. Its name was inspired by Perl as that’s where it borrowed some of its semantic and syntax ideas from. The main goal of the creator was to invent an easy-to-use object-oriented interpreted language. Its code is extremely similar to English, adding to its popularity and good readability.

Nevertheless, building web apps in pure Ruby is not an easy task. To simplify it, David Heinemeier Hansson created the Ruby on Rails framework in 2004. It’s based on the Model-View-Controller pattern and employs the REST style of web apps. Its architecture necessitates the usage of the Don’t Repeat Yourself principle, minimizing code duplications.

Where is Ruby on Rails used?

Ruby on Rails web development is mainly used for building high-performing and well-structured web apps capable of processing significant numbers of requests. With it, highly dynamic, flexible, and versatile platforms of different complexity and for various industries are delivered, e.g. minimum viable products, Saas solutions, social media web apps, and platforms for FinTech, eCommerce, Logistics, Entertainment, Trading and Data Analytics, and more. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • A minimum viable product is a quickly created solution with a minimum set of functionality needed to test users’ reactions. It helps to detect project flaws in the early stages. Any MVP is subject to rapid changes, therefore, using the modular design to swiftly amend the code while keeping it reliable and well-supported is a good choice. At the same time, MVPs often have limitations in terms of cost and deadlines. Choosing the right Ruby on Rails development company will guarantee that you get a well-thought-out product on time and within budget.

  • FinTech companies aim to simplify and automate payment processes. At the same time, they face challenges, such as the need for high-traffic systems, the performance of complex analytics, and the need to ensure data security.

    Ruby on Rails development helps to deal with these problems by providing teams with access to the tools needed to add authentication functionality to an app. In addition, its scalability is crucial for solving the issue of high traffic allowing the software to handle the increased amount of requests.

  • eCommerce platforms often employ the technology’s flexibility, speed of development, and cost-efficiency. With it, teams receive great opportunities for picture-scaling and working with payment APIs and product databases. Large Ruby-based eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and Spree, are used for almost 800,000 online stores.

  • Social media web apps are high-load traffic systems. The technology, in turn, is perfectly suitable for coping with high-loading issues. Scalable modular systems are capable of balancing traffic streams and handling high volumes of requests. Twitter, Basecamp, and Dribbble, processing millions of requests each day and returning millions of responses, are perhaps the most spectacular examples of such social media apps.

  • Entertainment platforms are notable for their high requirements for reliability and productivity. All of them can be satisfied with reliable systems for continuous streaming and interactive entertainment. Such famous streaming services as Hulu with over 30 million paid subscriptions and Netflix with over 182 million paid subscriptions use the technology as the basic component of their systems.

  • Trading and data analytics platforms reap the benefits of the full-stack technology that provides a programmer-friendly experience with excellent results. Turning to a professional Ruby on Rails development company will ensure you the tools for comfortable and productive work with data, as well as convenient and good-looking data visualizations.

  • Software-as-a-Service is a business model of software deployment and distribution in which a provider develops, licenses, and manages the app and provides access to it via the Internet. Fast and simple building of SaaS solutions results in secure and robust apps.

  • Logistic companies widely implement Ruby on Rails to create complex but elegant solutions, such as in this logistic project from Andersen which delivered a seamless and personalized grocery delivery solution.

Advantages of the technology from the business perspective

As a rule, newly-created programming languages don’t have such advantages as well-established communities, comprehensive documentation, and sufficient libraries and tools. Because of that, development and support issues might arise. Unlike other new technologies, Ruby offers a large community, well-thought-out documentation, and a huge base of various tools, ensuring the writing of refined and stable code and the creation of highly maintainable apps.

All this significantly simplifies tasks for Ruby on Rails developers. They can find information about the language specifications in the documentation and get help with specific questions from the community. This allows developers to pay more attention to intricate and non-trivial tasks.

Another issue that the technology handles successfully is the scaling of an app. In fast-growing companies, their infrastructure is continuously evolving. The number of requests they handle is permanently increasing. Scaling issues can be solved thanks to a well-thought-out modular architecture that offers perfect scaling capabilities. In the sixth version of the framework, horizontal scaling was introduced. It guarantees that you will not have to rebuild your app because of various scaling issues.

The cost of a project directly depends on the time spent on the development. The high speed at which teams create and modify web apps means spending less time and money on them. As a result, customers get well-designed and cost-effective solutions. Moreover, the technology is open-source, and thus, you don’t have to pay for a license.

Why is Ruby on Rails relevant in 2022?

Below are just a few of the most compelling arguments in favor of Ruby on Rails consulting and development that, we hope, will help you to choose the right technology for your project.

Frequent updates and maintenance

The very existence of regular updates and maintenance indicates that the technology is widely used and thus, kept relevant against the background of modern developments and trends. Developers around the world track innovations in web development, databases, and online services to regularly update the technology, add new features to it, and set web development trends.

A large and established community

Community plays an important role in the evolvement of the open-source framework. The existence of a constantly growing and engaged online community of developers and enthusiasts proves that the technology remains relevant. There are a lot of online forums on GitHub, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and other platforms. The community serves as a valuable source for solving issues, helping developers, and sharing experience, ideas, and advice.

Outstanding use cases

The best indicator of any technology’s relevance is its vast usage among businesses. Renowned companies tend to be the first users of new promising technology and the first ones to abandon it if it fails to provide them with clear benefits.

Such companies as Netflix, GitHub, Hulu, Shopify, SoundСloud, and Airbnb all turned to Ruby on Rails to create their outstanding solutions. Over a hundred thousand websites in the US alone enjoy the benefits it offers, not to mention thousands of businesses in the rest of the world. The above proves the relevance of the technology and its remarkable ability to form the basis for successful software products.

Why Ruby Technology is still a good choice for your project in 2022

Final thoughts

Ruby is a solid and well-established programming language widely recognized by leading companies in various industries. At Andersen, we offer our customers the expertise of skilled professionals to deliver outstanding business results. If you need Ruby on Rails consulting for your upcoming project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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