Voxxify Project: Each Employee Will be Heard

Artur Smerkus

Artur Smerkus

PM at Andersen

Cloud Development
Nov 17, 2020
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    Let's imagine a situation where you know all the team members with whom you work side-by-side. You know how they feel about the work they do, the working environment, and their colleagues. You can estimate the level of their satisfaction with the highest accuracy. How’s that possible? Until recently, it wasn’t.

    Of course, you could use Google questionnaires and other similar services to get the opinion of your colleagues on any issue. But what if the team was comprised of several dozens of people, whose opinion on a variety of issues you always need to take into account when making decisions? Steven Fleming, CEO at Voxxify, has a solution to this challenge.

    Fleming and his team set about creating a smart SaaS platform capable of not only opinion poll conduction but also an in-depth analysis of the results. The idea of the project was to match the groups of respondents to the so-called Personas. These Personas are formed from people with similar characteristics, for example, the same level of inclination towards individualism or teamwork, the same technical skills, etc. The Voxxify application provides a means for customizing polls and creating diagrams for regular surveys.

    The information obtained from surveys and their analysis makes it possible to see the overall picture of the satisfaction level of team members from different angles, as well as to assess the trend of shifts in this level.

    Stephen Fleming shared his idea with Andersen, and our team of professionals helped bring it to life. Andersen has completely taken over the development of the platform, from business analysis and design to the creation of ML scripts.

    During the development process, our team dealt with such tasks as the integration of ML-scripts and Maps API, CI/CD for four independent environments, etc. Security configuration and ID-based encryption have also become important tasks for implementation, as when working with personal data, their protection becomes a priority.

    One of the best solutions for operating with such volumes of data is the use of cloud technologies, particularly several AWS services. Instead of simple JWT authorization, it was decided to use AWS Cognito for user login. The service has a number of advantages, such as In-built Registration, Forgot Password feature, and OpenID support.

    AWS RDS ensures secure and convenient access, and AWS SQS is used for additional protection. Data Scientists apply AWS SageMaker to build, train, and deploy Machine Learning. We also used such popular and convenient services as S3, EC2, CloudWatch, and SES.

    The Voxxify project was managed according to Scrum/Agile. One of the key advantages of Scrum is the high level of customer involvement in the processes. Fast feedback from Stephen Fleming and his team helped Andersen adapt the product to the latest market demands.

    The Voxxify app will enter the market soon. The project already has preliminary agreements for use with several large companies.

    Andersen ist ständig bereit, Sie bei den Projekten aller Komplexität zu unterstützen.

    Ivan Sorokin, Head of the Cloud Counting Department
    Ivan Sorokin

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