Andersen and an AWS-Based Cloud Solution for DentalTech

Anna Sokolova

Anna Sokolova

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Sep 7, 2021
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  1. Business background
  2. Andersen’s task
  3. Project details: why AWS?
  4. Project results

Business background

DentalTech is a dental care provider dealing with large volumes of medical and business data. While its practice has been successfully expanding and winning new regular patients, DentalTech recently faced an important tech challenge. It needed a reliable solution to securely store sensitive records that would be simultaneously accessible from any business location. That was the reason why the customer contacted Andersen’s team upon formulating its initiative.

Initially, DentalTech used spreadsheets to keep its dental and business records. However, there was simply too much heterogeneous data that could not be handled and effectively processed this way.

As a result, DentalTech came to the idea that these data flows could be optimized and streamlined via a specifically developed cloud IT solution. The customer built an MVP that quickly proved its worth. To build a full-fledged tool on this basis, DentalTech approached Andersen to improve and advance its functionalities.

In other words, a complex, reliable, and scalable data processing system was needed.

Andersen’s task

Briefly speaking, the customer envisioned an app capable of receiving and arranging information from all of its industry-specific data sources and websites: covering clients, revenue, expenses, etc. In addition, a high level of capability was needed. The fact was that DentalTech realized the following - such a system could be used not only by them. It could be promoted across the entire dental care industry and used as a service by other dental care providers. More than that, it had the potential to exceed these limits and be offered to the US healthcare industry in its entirety.

In view of the above, Andersen’s task was as follows: the future solution must be able to obtain, store, process, and provide easy and secure access to multi-faceted data. The latter would encompass individual doctors and their performance, patient medical records, individual healthcare facilities in connection with their corresponding chains, incomes, expenditures, etc.

Project details: why AWS?

Andersen assembled a skilled IT team to implement the project in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Our IT talent pool covered all the positions and assumed full responsibility for every aspect of this engagement, with a single notable exception.

Namely, the DentalTech business owner acted in the Project Manager capacity. As for other roles - i.e., front-end, back-end, QA, design, and business analysis - they were taken over by Andersen.

Challenge: According to the customer’s perspective, the solution was required to store all data in one place, offer an easy-to-use interface, and promise easy integrations with medical care services (most importantly, Dentrix).

Andersen’s response: From the very beginning, it was clear that the solution would be a cloud-based one. As such, it would be cost-effective, increase scalability, and offer simpler integrations and migration. Our self-evident choice in this respect was to use AWS.

Andersen’s team opted for AWS for a number of reasons. First of all, over the years, we have gained enormous experience and expertise in everything related to this cloud. Second, Andersen enjoys a special relationship with Amazon - we are a Trusted AWS Partner. In this capacity, we are known for our:

  • performance efficiency,
  • security and reliability,
  • operational excellence,
  • cost optimization.

Correspondingly, when it comes to AWS, Andersen’s team is able to offer an entire package of all-in-one services, including but not limited to:

  • Storage and Databases,
  • App Integration,
  • Advanced Analytics,
  • Security and Compliance,
  • Management and Networking Tool.

Therefore, the customer accepted our idea to base the future solution in AWS. The resulting success proves that this was the right choice.

Other details: While working on the project, Andersen’s team applied its proven Agile approach based on Scrum. There were numerous iterations with the customer providing feedback after each stage. Every wish and every new requirement was fulfilled in a timely, expedient, and interactive fashion.

Services used for the project included:

  • database based in AWS,
  • back-end based in ECS Fargate,
  • front-end based in S3 Web Hosting.

Project results

All required functionalities were delivered as a result of our transparent and friendly interaction with the customer. DentalTech is revealing enormous new business opportunities with its tool. Not only were its own business operations significantly simplified and facilitated, but also a brand new solution emerged. Now, the customer is gradually promoting it beyond the limits of the dental care industry.

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Ivan Sorokin, Head of the Cloud Counting Department
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