The Importance of the Discovery Phase

Maria Boyarko

Maria Boyarko

Head of the BA Department at Andersen

Business Analysis
Discovery Phase
Managed Delivery
Dec 30, 2020
Lesedauer: 7 Min.
  1. What a Discovery phase is
  2. Who is involved in the Discovery phase of a software project?
  3. A Delivery Manager
  4. A Project Manager
  5. A Business Analyst
  6. A Solution Architect
  7. A UI/UX Designer
  8. Technical experts
  9. Subject-matter experts
  10. The Discovery phase steps
  11. Identifying specialists who will be involved in the project
  12. Setting clear objectives
  13. Checking the already existing studies and documentation
  14. Studying the targeted audience and the end-users
  15. Analyzing competitors
  16. Investigating the data obtained
  17. Formulating a Software Architecture Document
  18. Estimating the budget and development time
  19. Drawing up the final package of documents with the research results
  20. The main benefits of a Discovery phase for software development
  21. What if the Discovery phase is skipped in the software development process?
  22. Conclusion

No matter how incredible and unique the initial idea of a project is, the customer doesn’t always receive the exact product they wanted immediately. According to the recent survey conducted by Project Management Institute, approximately one in three IT projects fails. Only 75% of customers meet their initial goals, nearly 65% of projects are completed within budget, and around 60% are finished on time. In addition to the above, roughly one in three projects experience scope creep.

Project outcomes

Even if the customer formulates their idea in lay terms and developers manage to fully understand the concept, there can be many small details that are not immediately apparent but will have a huge impact on the project development later. Revealing problems in the development process leads to spontaneous changes in the already written code, unplanned budget spending, and, as a result, missed deadlines, project freezing, or even its failure. Such an outcome for the project can be avoided by conducting a Discovery phase. In this piece, top-notch Business Analysts will provide in-depth coverage of the Discovery phase in software development, its steps, advantages, and experts involved, and consider whether a project can do without it.

What a Discovery phase is

A Project Discovery phase is the process of gathering information about the customer’s industry, their business, and the target audience of the future product. As a result, a software development