Andersen as a Custom Automotive Software Development Vendor in the Modern Landscape

Luis Filipe Alves Dias

Luis Filipe Alves Dias

Senior QA Automation Engineer

Oct 30, 2023
Lesedauer: 13 Min.
  1. Automotive software niche: figures
  2. Automotive software niche: dimensions
  3. What Andersen perceives as promising directions for our business development and growth
  4. Capabilities of Andersen as a custom Automotive software provider
  5. Automotive talent pool
  6. Automotive qualifications, certifications, and achievements
  7. Examples of Andersen’s partnerships
  8. Project # 1
  9. Project # 2
  10. Project # 3
  11. Challenges Andersen overcomes within the Automotive software industry
  12. Andersen’s Automotive plans

The niche of Automotive software development is a growing and lucrative one. It is expanding both quantitatively and qualitatively. Therefore, we dedicate a lot of effort to strengthening our presence in this domain, serving our existing customers, establishing new partnerships, and accumulating even more resources for our pioneering and ambitious engagements. This piece seeks to promote our understanding of where the Automotive software segment is going, as well as what role Andersen intends to play in this progress.

Automotive software niche: figures

To begin the discussion, let’s cite some figures that have recently been made available by McKinsey’s knowledgeable experts. According to them, from the starting pre-COVID-19 point in 2019, when its size was “merely” $257 billion, the Automotive software and electronics market will hit an astonishing $462 billion around 2030. Of that total volume:

  • Software, our key domain, will account for $50 billion;
  • Integration, substantiation, and authentication – also a point of corporate interest to Andersen – will make up $33 billion;
  • Electronic and door control units will get the biggest share of $144 billion;
  • They will be followed by power electronics with $47 billion;
  • Sensor technologies will generate $46 billion;
  • Finally, other e-components will reach $142 billion.
The automotive software and electronic market growth

Not all of the above facets are of immediate relevance to Andersen, yet the promising prospects revealed by the market motivate us to establish our company as a truly ambitious and advanced player.

Automotive software niche: dimensions

The Automotive software and electronics segment is experiencing such impressive growth for a reason. ACES (autonomous, connected, electric, and shared) is how vehicles are assumed to look and function in the coming years. The ascendance of the ACES factor is altering the nature of Automotive industries and making extensive investments in next-generation tech a must.

The combo of autonomous driving and connected vehicles, coupled with e-power and shared mobility, builds upon an entire constellation of simultaneous factors mandating profound transformation. Among them are:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and the legacy of social distancing with the growth of remote approaches;
  • Tougher environmental protection measures;
  • Growing restrictions on access to downtowns and urban areas;
  • A gradual shift to non-ownership practices, such as car-sharing, subscriptions, and micro-mobility;
  • Recent AI breakthroughs, and more.

What Andersen perceives as promising directions for our business development and growth

To name a few directions, we’d like to point out the following ones:

  • First, solutions for connected cars based on our IoT expertise, including over-the-air (OTA) software updates, real-time diagnostics and tracking, data exchanges with other devices and pieces of equipment, etc.;
  • Second, programs for e-vehicles to manage battery systems, optimize energy consumption patterns, V2G, V2I, and V2E communication, etc.
  • Third, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) build on, among other things, AI and ML capabilities, encompassing adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking, image recognition, voice commands, and more;
  • Fourth, cyber security software solutions engineered to protect vehicles from hacking and data breaches;
  • Finally, UI/UX projects are also an obvious priority for Andersen – for example, infotainment systems, voice assistants, and intuitive controls.
Promising directions in automotive

Capabilities of Andersen as a custom Automotive software provider

Our team, possessing theoretical expertise and practical skills trained on over 1,000 challenging and data-intensive projects (including those within the Automotive domain), is our most valuable asset. Having a team of over 120 industry-focused professionals and taking pride in our 16-year-long track record, we are fully prepared to help in achieving goals set by Automotive businesses. This is what we offer:

Automotive talent pool

In the realm of Automotive innovation, Andersen has assembled a multidisciplinary team comprising true IT professionals, each possessing the required qualifications and a wealth of experience. The team includes:

  • Embedded Software Engineers: The core of our team consists of proficient embedded system professionals who specialize in crafting software and firmware tailored expressly to Automotive applications. With a profound expertise in the integration of software and hardware for diverse functions, they exhibit a mastery of Automotive communication protocols: CAN, SPI, I2C, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and IoT. On top of that, their deep knowledge covers microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, and the intricacies of low-level programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Python, and more. Also, our Automotive team employs specialists in ECU development, ranging from engine control units to cutting-edge driver-assistance systems (ADAS), with an accentuated commitment to adhering to ASPICE standards.

  • Automotive Software Architects: Our architects are fully capable of designing and implementing state-of-the-art and dependable software architectures for the Automotive domain. Focusing on Automotive software development activities, they are parti