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Below you can find a range of QA-related services available with Andersen’s team. Contact us via our online-chat to obtain more info and learn what Andersen can do to enhance and support your QA efforts.


With a deep QA assessment conducted by Andersen, you will detect and identify all serious issues hindering productive testing processes in your company.

  • Duration: 2-3 weeks
  • Team: 1 SQA/Lead


If you need a professional consultation on improving and facilitating your testing processes, Andersen will provide you with access to our deep QA expertise.

  • Duration: 3-4 weeks
  • Team: 1 SQA/Lead


Let Andersen help you set up an effective QA workflow so that you can offer great products and services and meet customer expectations better

  • Duration: from 2 months
  • Team: 1 SQA/Lead + QA team

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Why you need a QA Audit

Below you can find a compelling list of typical problems that organizations face when they lack proper QA workflows and policies. With Andersen's assistance, you will resolve these issues and avoid these obstacles even before they make themselves known. As a result, your company will quickly start saving time, money, and resources.

General processes

90% of projects lack properly built and adjusted QA testing strategies and struggle with insufficient testing quality levels in organizational terms

Automation testing

As Andersen’s experience and practice indicate, test automation is only applied to 30% of all projects implemented. As a result, unnecessary risks and problems inevitably emerge

Automation processes

In 45% of all projects where test automation is applied, it is implemented without a comprehensive strategy and without being integrated into a full-fledged CI/CD


In 33% of all projects, unnecessary budget losses caused by unstable testing environments and prolonged clarification and approvement procedures are revealed

Product quality

Proper assessment of product quality can help you eliminate a large number of defects and errors as well as resolve the issue of overall product instability

Communication processes

Only 35% of all projects have a properly arranged communication process within the team (PO, Dev, QA, PM, BA, etc.). With our assistance, your flow will be both seamless and productive

How to start

QA audit is an effective tool to identify problems and gaps of various sorts in your projects so that you can minimize budget waste and avoid downward projects trends. All it takes to hold an audit are five simple steps:


That is the first step towards improved QA processes. Send us your request, and we will contact you within one working day to specify time slots for calls with our experts

Meeting QA expert specified Package defined

At this stage, our consultants will arrange and hold an informative meeting to identify the best possible service package as well as the exact essence of the QA expertise you need

Business proposal

With all the details properly discussed and agreed upon, our experts will proceed with the next stage to prepare a QA audit proposal

Data collected Access granted NDA signed

The next stage will help determine all the information needed to start a QA audit process. It also covers providing necessary access and signing an NDA agreement.

Audit conducted

Finally, our team of QA experts will start holding a QA audit process and providing all the deliverables in accordance with the package previously selected

Areas to be analyzed

During the audit, our QA experts will analyze the processes across all the QA testing areas


  • Test strategy

  • Test organization

  • Test process management

  • Reporting

  • Defect management


  • Methodology practice

  • Estimating and planning

  • Stakeholder commitment

  • Degree of involvement

Testing toolkit

  • Testware management

  • Test tools

  • Test environment

  • Metrics

Specialized testing

  • Security compliance

  • Automation testing

  • Performance testing

QA professionalism

  • Tester professionalism

  • Test case design

  • Communication

  • Knowledge base

Our projects

We often observe the same problems when working on projects for our customers. Let's take a look at examples of how we solved them.

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If you need high-end specialists on an urgent basis, we are here to help. Get CVs in no time, choose the best of the best, and our specialists will start working on your project with full responsibility so that you can receive the solution you need as soon as possible.

  • 3days to provide specialists
  • 10days to start
  • 2weeks of free trial

Senior ISTQB Certified QA Engineer


Senior Manual QA Engineer with 9 years of experience in QA sphere. Has solid background in overall sy...


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Senior ISTQB Certified QA Engineer


Senior QA Engineer with 6+ years of experience in the field of software testing and knowledge of soft...


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Senior ISTQB Certified QA Engineer


Senior Manual QA Engineer has 8 years of experience in QA sphere and has background in manual, functi...


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