Project overview

Andersen was approached by a global leader in B2B2C insurance focused on automotive, travel, health, and home insurance solutions. The customer employs over 20,000 specialists all over the world, processing and handling more than 70 million insurance cases annually. In order to facilitate their operations, win more clients, and boost their business efficiency, the customer entrusted Andersen with building an advanced travel insurance advisor.

duration7 months
Java 11
Spring Boot
Platform’s landing page
Platform’s landing page

Project details

The project we have helped to build was a digital platform accompanying travelers before, during, and after their trips. Namely, it gives its end-users access to the customer’s relevant insurance products and services. The solution is also intended to offer services provided by the customer’s partners operating in the travel industry.

As for the main business principle the resulting platform is based on, it can be described as a Freemium membership model. Thus, a range of features available for a client depends on the type of account this client has. Namely, registering with the platform gives end-users access to a set of free valuable services only. At the same time, users can subsequently upgrade their accounts to a paid membership with a premium service bundle and additional optional paid services.

User-friendly four-step insurance application form
User-friendly four-step insurance application form

In practical terms, our main goal was to thoroughly rewrite the customer’s existing platform and propel it to a new level. The customer’s travel assistant was written in Drupal. Owing to Andersen’s involvement, the new stack now includes Java, Angular, and AEM.

As a result, the upgraded and improved platform is easily scalable and includes the functionality for launching new countries, providing multi-language support, and manage content easily.

App functionality

The resulting IT solution is based on microservice architecture. This software is integrated with identity providers, the customer’s internal contracting systems, and several payment providers – i.e., internal systems to purchase insurance and Stripe to pay for the services of external providers. It is also worth mentioning that the list of integrations is currently being expanded and developed.

In addition, the digital platform is linked to a variety of services for a smarter traveling experience:

  • A destination explorer to discover itineraries and new experiences at the destination point, as well as to find COVID-related information;
  • A travel wallet to save trip details, add flight bookings, and receive trip updates;
  • Travel protection capabilities, such as trip cancellation protection and medical assistance;
  • Travel alerts with real-time updates concerning safety and security at the destination point;
  • Instant flight delay compensation – i.e., instant payouts if a traveler’s flight is delayed – and free access to lounges;
  • Digital access to TeleHealth services, such as symptom checkers, online chats with doctors, remote medical advice, and teleconsultations.


The solution proposed by Andersen involves a thorough upgrade and modernization of the customer’s old solution so that it can handle all the new tasks properly.

As for the main project challenges Andersen faced, the customer wanted the platform to be capable of quickly launching new countries – roughly within 1-2 months. On top of that, the solution was expected to include reusable APIs – e.g., the same registration API for the customer's platform itself and other partner platforms.

Project results

  • The platform is easy to scale and has a short launch time of 2-3 weeks in new countries, compared to the 3-4 months required with the previous solution;
  • The software includes reusable authentication and registration modules which can be used in the customer's other products;
  • The platform has been successfully launched in multiple countries across the EU, increasing its popularity among the target audience;
  • The solution offers a range of valuable services free of charge, as well as the option to upgrade to a paid membership with additional premium services.

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