Weitere Projekte ansehenA Healthcare-Specific Temporary Staff Management Tool

A Healthcare-Specific Temporary Staff Management Tool

Ryan Edgar

Ryan Edgar


"Andersen’s expert working with us is diligent about the assigned work."

A Healthcare-Specific Temporary Staff Management Tool

About the client

Andersen's customer was a company requiring a software solution to manage temporary personnel. The project belonged to the healthcare domain, hence the acceptance criteria were extremely strict.

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Project overview

The task before Andersen’s team was to envision a staffing platform to effectively collaborate with temporary workers across a range of industries, including medicine. It is intended to be more than just a scheduling tool, but to leverage the entire data flow to make productive decisions in highly regulated sectors.

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App functionality

  • Easy sign-up takes less than 30 seconds
  • Push notifications deliver shifts to those who can fill them quickly.
  • Uploading documents directly from smart-phones via camera or files.
  • Online timesheets
  • Planning availability in real-time, allowing shifts to be assigned more effectively.
  • The payroll works on both a contractor and a payroll basis.
  • Negotiating shifts and rates in real-time.
  • The billing integration
  • Integration AER Temp with workflows by API.

Project results

  • 50% reduction in workload associated with the hiring of temporary staff;
  • Streamlined shift assignment process with real-time availability updates;
  • Swift and smooth sign-up for temporary staff, with the ability to upload documents directly from a smartphone;
  • Integrated payroll system for both the employer and the workers, with the ability to negotiate shifts and rates in real-time.

Customer review


Ryan Edgar



Andersen’s expert working with us is diligent about the assigned work scope to analyze the system and requirements and create clear, effective, useful documentation. As for the expert’s professional qualities, they include great attention to detail applied to all aspects, a friendly nature and strong knowledge.

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