Weitere Projekte ansehenAn eCommerce Tool to Order Meals during Sports Games

An eCommerce Tool to Order Meals during Sports Games


"Andersen macht den Entwicklungsprozess transparent"

An eCommerce Tool to Order Meals during Sports Games

About the client

Yonoton offers a top-notch digital ordering solution for the hospitality and entertainment sector. Their versatile SaaS platform saves costs, generates revenue, and offers a customized tool for businesses.

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Project overview

Andersen delivered a unique solution for sports fans, enabling them to order meals during games with ease. Working closely with the Yonoton team, Andersen envisioned and built a simple and intuitive solution to enhance the experience of attendees of sports events and matches. The project, which lasted 60 months, utilized technologies such as Jira, TestRail, Confluence, Firebase, Figma, Bitrise, Git, and JavaScript.

To eliminate the risk of unnoticed defects during the production stage, Andersen assembled a QA team of senior specialists to set up the testing process and prevent defects from reaching production. The QA workflow was integrated into the SDLC process, improving communication between the development and QA teams. Testing was conducted on multiple iOS and Android devices, with all features covered by the test documentation. Automation testing was also set up, reducing the time needed for regression testing by five times.

The results of the project were impressive, with a huge decrease of missed defects in production, prevention of app crashes, and a significant reduction in regression testing time. CTO of Yonoton, Jouni Stam, praised Andersen for their exceptional communication and planning practices, making a great first impression, and keeping the customer well-informed throughout the project.

duration62 months
Bitrise CI


Jira, Confluence

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Yonoton's meal order screens showing available products


  • Increased risk of unnoticed defects at the production phase due to the absence of testing;
  • Due to the lack of internal expertise, the customer required Andersen’s assistance in automating the QA processes for their iOS and Android development.
  • Support of the app on various iOS and Android devices without crashes.


  • Introduced a QA team of Senior QA specialists into the client's project to set up the testing process and activities for defects prevention to production. QA workflow was included in the SDLC process, tuned communication between Dev & QA teams.
  • The testing was carried out on every required device (iOS and Android). All features were covered with test documentation. We have set up and are keeping the knowledge base in Confluence up to date.
  • Set up automation testing process, configured TestRail integration with CI system and Jira for a clear vision of test coverage of every feature.

Project results

  • An informative and user-friendly website that effectively communicates the organization's mission and values, matching the highest possible usability standards;
  • A 37% faster page speed, which ensures a seamless and efficient user experience;
  • A fully responsive and SEO-friendly website ensuring consistency across all browsers and devices;
  • Seamless payment services integration.

Customer review

Jouni Stam

CTO at Yonoton


Die Referenz wurde von Clutch überprüft und stimmt mit den Worten des Kunden überein

The company made a great first impression with the business analyst who gathered requirements, measured the scope, and asked about our other needs. The project manager and other team members kept us informed about the business app's schedule and progress and made sure that everything was going according to our expectations. Andersen stands out where it comes to communication and planning.

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