About the client

Property Guru is a company working in the Real Estate industry. Their mission is to serve Real Estate buyers and investors on the one hand and property sellers on the other hand. Also, their listings include properties for rent.

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About the project

Andersen provided its Back-end, Front-end, and Mobile developers for PropertyGuru. As a result of this assistance, the customer has obtained a range of client-centered real estate applications. Andersen's team has successfully built both the apps for individual users looking for real estate and the apps for agents to post offers with available apartments and houses.

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By entrusting a range of complex tasks to our experts, the customer has successfully developed comprehensive real estate web and mobile applications enabling both agencies and clients to make deals and perform various transactions. Andersen's team has also built a digital property marketplace. As a result, the customer's platform has gained popularity in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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Andersen provided high-caliber assistance in building a B2B platform giving access to real estate information with all the relevant details properly covered. In addition, our team engineered web and mobile apps for the same real estate purposes.

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Project results

The catalogue solution built by our team of experts is notable for the following results:

  • Andersen created client-centered real estate apps for both individual users and agents, as well as a digital property marketplace;
  • The new real estate platform has become popular in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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