Weitere Projekte ansehenA Royalty Calculator Custom-Built by Andersen’s Team

A Royalty Calculator Custom-Built by Andersen’s Team

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"Das dedizierte Tech-Team von Andersen besteht aus echten Profis, die bei der Erfüllung der Bedürfnisse ihrer Kunden wirklich gut sind."

A Royalty Calculator Custom-Built by Andersen’s Team

About the client

In this case, Andersen collaborated with a UK-based company working as a remote-first software vendor and providing a SaaS-based asset management platform (ARM) for music, media, and broadcasting. They also offer a SaaS-based royalty accounting platform (IRIS) to calculate payments.

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Project overview

Andersen was contacted by a UK-based media company working as a remote-first software vendor and providing a SaaS-based asset management platform (ARM) for the world of music, media, and broadcasting. The customer also offers a SaaS-based royalty accounting platform (IRIS) capable of calculating royalty payments. Andersen’s team had two missions: working on a long-term roadmap for the development of a new product module and helping to redevelop the customer’s old legacy code with modern technologies.

duration10+ months

The ARM platform:

PHP 8.0., Vue.js 2, Vue.js 3, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, AWS.

The IRIS platform:

VB.NET 3.5, C# 3.5, C# 5.0, Windows Forms 3.5, ASP.NET Core MVC, Microsoft SQL Server 2015.

Extensive search functionality
Extensive search functionality

Project details

Andersen's team was involved in engineering a portal to manage artist royalties. The resulting platform makes it possible to collect data on royalties from different sources, perform complex calculations with a high level of automation, and accurately distribute royalties. Advanced reporting capabilities for various stakeholders are also available.

Music album tab
Music album tab

Key functionality

With Andersen’s assistance, the customer has obtained a platform to develop its business, which offers the following capabilities:

  • A convenient UI interface to monitor artists’ licenses, contracts, and data. The user can also manage multiple third-party libraries via searchable interfaces;
  • Metadata management covering various music tracks;
  • A possibility to create playlists and share them with other users so that they can also view or edit it;
  • Functionality for creating artist profiles and special pages for tracks and albums. Various relations between artists, albums, and tracks can be added;
  • A fine-tuned submission process to enable artists to submit their content to managers for review before publishing it;
  • Artist royalty management and monitoring.
Adding a new music composition to the platform
Adding a new music composition to the platform

Project results

  • The custom-built royalty calculator has achieved a customer satisfaction of 92%;
  • The calculator has a 99% accuracy rate for quick calculations;
  • The user base has grown by 18%.

Customer review

Rory Bernard

CEO at Synchtank

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Die Referenz wurde von Clutch überprüft und stimmt mit den Worten des Kunden überein

Andersen implemented a migration project with minimal service disruptions. While working, they displayed professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication. The contribution made by them deserves praise in all respects. We can stress, in particular, the virtual meetings they hold and their regular email updates, as they ensure smooth workflows. Their team is both helpful and reliable.

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