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Online TV and Movie Theatre

Media & Entertainment
Velluio Dolerano

Velluio Dolerano


"Andersen’s experts get always quickly integrated to handle their tasks"

Online TV and Movie Theatre

About the client

Andersen's customer was a British interactive OTT platform with advanced functionalities, including access to a wide range of movies, TV series, sports channels, and audiobooks. Their streaming service enables its users to consume video content via iOS and Android devices, as well as on the web. In order to boost their business, they needed a dependable IT partner for an OTT platform project they initiated.

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Project overview

Andersen's technology experts were entrusted with implementing a wide range of features, including over 300 TV channels and over 60,000 movies, TV series, cartoons, and TV shows, in both online and offline modes, without digital ads. With a strong focus on the best industry practices and technology excellence, we ensured exceptional image and sound quality, integrated 4K, Full HD, and SD quality, and added an online radio to this UK-based OTT platform solution.

Andersen's team was involved in the creation of both Android and iOS mobile apps from the very beginning of the project. For the Android solution, we conducted several rounds of redesign and UI customization, including offline mode downloads, subtitles, the ability to rewind previews, and a redesign of players' and VOD content cards via Android and Android TV. Ansersen's team also helped to configure and optimize integration and UI auto testing practices and built a new multi-module architecture.

duration70+ months
Clean Architecture
Swift 5
Core Data


Kotlin, Clean Architecture, Moxy, Retrofit, RxJava 2, Dagger 2, Coroutines, ExoPlayer, Mockito, Kaspresso, Marathon.


Swift5, Alamofire, PromiseKit, RxSwift, Firebase, RxGRDB, CoreData, Verimatrix, FairPlay.

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Home page with movies to continue watching


In this OTT platform case study, the iOS app also underwent numerous updates, encompassing support for several payment methods, an updated player look-and-feel, custom playlists with personalized movie recommendations, the ability to exchange paid movies, Fairplay/MultiDRM, subtitles, targets, playback speed, sending media content to another device, watching free channels and movies after registration, and HomePod support for Apple TV.

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Previously watched content (web and mobile screens)

Andersen's commitment to delivering top-quality services has resulted in a highly advanced OTT platform solution that offers users a vast array of digital content on demand, including online TV, movies, music videos, and streams. The platform has seen tremendous success and continues to be popular among users. As a company, we are honored to have received positive feedback from our customer, with their CEO praising our team's ability to quickly integrate into their workflows and resolve tasks efficiently. Andersen takes pride in having contributed to the substantial advancement of the customer's business and having played a role in delivering a widely successful modern Media & Entertainment solution.

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Subscription plan and payment card details
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Content viewing screens (web and mobile)

Project results

  • Andersen's dedicated team of tech experts has contributed to the substantial advancement of the customer's platform when working on this OTT platform project;
  • Users now have access to a vast array of movies, TV series, sports channels, and audiobooks;
  • The platform's new features, such as its offline mode, subtitles, and personalized movie recommendations, are contributing to its popularity as an OTT platform example;
  • The platform has seen over 5 million downloads so far, and its rating has reached 4.6 based on 31,000 reviews.

Customer review


Velluio Dolerano




We have been collaborating with Andersen for many years to deliver our IT projects. Andersen’s team members always get quickly integrated into our workflows and resolve their tasks on time. They are always customer-oriented, able to handle complex challenges, and professional. The tech services Andersen provides us with are universally notable for their high quality and match the highest industry standards and practices.

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