About the client

Doctor Plus is an American company. When they approached Andersen, they were looking for opportunities to invest in a TeleMedicine app and launch it in Germany. The key requirement was compliance with the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) regulations.

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About the project

The American company was looking for investment in a TeleMedicine application and launching it in the German market. One of the key requirements was the complinace of the solution with the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) regulations. They approached Andersen for that.

duration4 months
Concept illustration
Web and mobile app screens of doctor profile pages

Application functionality

  • Custom and multiplatform telemedicine solution (Web, iOS, Android)
  • Online scheduling with automated and customizable email / text appointment notifications and reminders
  • User geolocation
  • Text message notifications to phone when app sends messages
  • High quality video calling & conferencing as well as telephone capabilities
  • Secure access to files and images stored as medical records (lab test results, medical scans etc.)
  • Integration with Pharmacy systems
  • Integrated billing / Insurance processing
  • AI functionality (ability to match doctors by language, triage questionnaires)
  • Powerful data analytics tools
  • Doctor/Patient rating system



Microservices architecture on the backend — Python, Flask, RabbitMQ, CeleryBeat, pytest, pylint PostgreSQL, GraphQL. React, Redux on the frontend. SWIFT and Kotlin for mobile apps.


  • Successful release and deployment in the German market
  • Solution approved by the local Healthcare authority
  • Successful integration with local pharmacies and payment services
  • 500+ downloads in the first month
  • 4.9 rating on AppStore and 4.6 rating on GooglePlay

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