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Plattform für Sportübertragungen

Winners is a digital venue marketing and commercial grade live streaming solution that utilises your existing TVs and social media to drive footfall and sales – one easy to use platform that helps you get payback on your sports subscription costs.

Having 75+ channels streaming live sports, from Winners on your TV in should be the most awesome digital experience in world.


User Flow

The team conducted research within the UX realm to make the user experience intuitive and logically aligned. All stages of the user path are presented in the blocks below.


Home Page


The home page is designed in the customer's corporate colors (muted blue and deep orange). It presents a preview of the current game that the user is interested in. A block below is a feeder, where you can scroll through other live broadcasts or upcoming game broadcasts.

On the event page, you can select the sport you are interested in and the day you want to check out the game. On the right side, there is a detailed schedule on a semi-transparent backing so as not to distract the user's attention.



With the channels, we followed a tabular logic, where the time and a brief description of the broadcasts are placed according to the week's grid. When you click on the air of a particular channel, you have the option to record the broadcast or go directly to the channel.



Selected Channel

In the built-in player, all classic multimedia functions are available (full screen, rewind, pause, record, etc.). Plus, by clicking on 'more' in the menu located on the left side, the user can select broadcasts from other TV channels without switching to other pages.

When you click on 'selected channel', the screen becomes divided into two visual blocks: the block with what is currently playing and the block with programs you might want to watch or your library of recordings.

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