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An All-in-One Logistics Platform for Booking Parking

About the client

In this case, Andersen was contracted by a company who requested a streamlined e-platform for parking management. This platform was envisioned as an all-in-one tool to enforce parking regulations, collect payments, and maintain parking lots.

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Project overview

Andersen was contacted by a company willing to obtain a streamlined e-platform for parking management. This platform was envisioned as an all-in-one tool to enforce parking regulations, collect payments, and maintain parking lots. Such a complex innovative vision and test task intensified the customer's need for a reliable and experienced IT partner possessing enough expertise in relevant software engineering. Andersen turned out to be the best option owing to our substantial track record in urban mobility and logistics in general.

duration13 months
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The collaboration on this IT project was based on Andersen's enormous expertise and competencies in logistics and mobility software development. Having accumulated extensive experience in this sector, we were in the right position to optimize the development costs and speed up the development process for the customer.

Among other things, the following achievements are noteworthy.

First, one of our primary tasks was to engineer a module capable of issuing both virtual and paper permits within the app. E-permits allow the customer's employees to identify authorized vehicles by their license plate numbers. Hence, renewals and guest vehicle registration are secured easily and instantly.

Second, we seamlessly integrated the customer with a third-party payment provider and ensured a hassle-free delivery orchestration (i.e., API integrations and connections with the entire parking ecosystem).

App functionality

With Andersen's tech expertise, industry-specific background, and IT talent at their disposal, the customer obtained advanced functionalities capable of addressing its channelings even in the most complex environments:

  • Comprehensive and dynamic overview of the customer's parking properties over time
  • Real-time updates - i.e., the dashboard updates the resulting picture when parking takes place
  • Reporting & Analytics capabilities in order to enable the customer to forecast their occupancy rates and assess other indicators. On top of that, they can now evaluate their enforcement activities in real-time. Thus, they are able to examine the productivity of their parking regulation enforcement team and compliance rates related to any particular lot
  • Timely tracking functionalities, such as monitoring of the attendance rates, parking volumes, durations, and other sorts of usage analytics
  • Live API end-point integrations with kiosks, ticket machines, and other payment equipment. Successful integrations were also ensured for the providers of enforcement solutions and third-party channel partners
  • Effective and seamless permit management, such as assigning permits in terms of durations and types. In addition, instant processing of permit approvals, renewals, waitlists, and notifications was ensured

Project results

  • 37% faster payments thanks to effective integration with an external payment provider;
  • A comprehensive and dynamic overview of the customer's parking lots with real-time updates;
  • Successfully implemented e-permit module for easy and instant identification of authorized vehicles;
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to forecast occupancy rates and monitor enforcement activities.

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