Project overview

Andersen was approached by a company that provides software aimed at dealing with transportation and mobility issues. The tools it engineers are used for tracking and managing traffic performance in real-time by the automotive, GIS, and navigation industries, as well as by government agencies and local authorities. Our team assisted the customer with delivering an IoT-driven traffic tool uniting vehicles, individuals, and road infrastructures within a single, secure, and effective system.

duration21 months


Dagger, Kotlin, Swift

Mobile screens of the app’s various pages
Mobile screens of the app’s various pages

In order to properly respond to their tech and business challenges, the customer needed flawless all-in-one traffic management software to track and manage their entire network. In close cooperation with the customer, Andersen engineered an end-to-end solution for traffic performance monitoring and management, specifically envisioned and delivered to decrease the congestion levels and improve traffic safety.

The main task was to assemble and organize a team of top-notch Android/iOS experts in order to launch the customer's project as soon as possible. On top of that, we provided a complete range of extra software engineers to address any possible need - from architecture and design to DevOps. As a result, we laid the foundation for fruitful strategic collaboration between Andersen and the customer.


Andersen's team launched this project with a knowledge transfer stage and close elaboration of technical details related to the development phase. First, we needed to move all SoapUI test cases to a proprietary traffic automation test framework. Then, we were required to compare the coverage of existing test cases with the requested functionalities. The team was also expected to unite the CI/CD environments within a single infrastructure.

The joint results achieved together with the customer reflect the efforts, knowledge, and managerial proficiency invested by Andersen in the development process.

To sum up, we have done the following:

  • Ensured proper support for predictive traffic feeds that generate traffic forecasts driven by real-time and historical traffic information
  • Expanded our customer's core team to effectively deliver solutions needed to render traffic flow layers for seamless routing
  • Created an automation mechanism, removing the need to manually update maps when software changes contradict previous versions

App functionality

Andersen's expert team has successfully addressed the entire range of challenges the customer needed to respond to:

  • Traffic-related data, processed and handled withing comprehensive software solution that provides the customer with a holistic overview of the traffic situation and updates
  • Traffic modeling, fueled by actual data in real-time, which can be carried out both online and offline (the resulting solution can calculate and identify the most optimal scenarios to handle congestion, road closures, or construction sites, as well as to precisely simulate interactions of all the vehicles and pedestrians)
  • Exact, helpful, and well-founded forecasts covering the entire network, including non-monitored roads on the basis of real-time and dynamic model data
  • Planning, scheduling, and optimization of all applicable routes. In addition, tailored performance metrics are used to measure the effectiveness of various traffics strategies

Project results

We have made it possible for the customer to save $100,000 annually by optimizing their AWS costs and diversifying their offering to target new clients. In other words, they can now sell more to their existing clients, including global tech and automotive companies.

  • Road traffic speed was improved by 9.6% with our real-time traffic management software;
  • Travel time was reduced by 11% with the end-to-end traffic performance solution;
  • Automated map updates were introduced for improved efficiency and accuracy;
  • Comprehensive traffic modeling and forecasting was added for optimizing routes and effectively measuring traffic strategies.

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