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An E-Training and Online Staff Recruitment Platform

About the client

Andersen collaborated with a US-based company who requested a special portal that would function as an information and e-training platform. Its target audience was people looking for new jobs, and the resulting product was expected to cover all stages of this process.

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Project overview

The deliverable of this IT project is a portal functioning as an information and e-training platform. Its target audience is people willing to get new jobs, and the resulting product covers all stages of this process.

The key capability is divided between convenient job search and e-training materials. The materials include videos, documents, recorded and live webinars on related topics, such as adequate CVs, job interviews, adaptation, job search, etc. The platform also enables users to practice their skills, which is possible owing to integrations with third-party services. Finally, users can obtain more information about their potential employers.

duration16+ months
Spring Boot


React.js, Redux, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Spring Security, jUnit 5



MySQL, Flyway



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App functionality

In close collaboration with the customer, we have built an easy-to-use, intuitive, and feature-rich platform. Andersen's engineers have ensured the following deliverables:

  • Job-seeking functionality;
  • Relevant training materials of many types available to study;
  • Integration with Indeed – a job search service;
  • Integration with D&B Hoovers – a company information service;
  • Integration with Neighbourhood Scout covering – a house-hunting service);
  • Integration with My Interview Practice for interview training and practice;
  • Integration with Calendly for scheduling meetings;
  • Integration with the company’s main website, which serves as the point of entry for all end-users;
  • Integration with YouTube.


In order to make the solution truly reliable and feature-rich, we built it basedon two main components – a client part and a management part (CMS). The latter provides easily accessible and convenient content management tools with embedded notifications, reminders, alerts, etc.

Project results

  • The comprehensive and user-friendly portal for job seekers has successfully entered the US market;
  • The solution features a range of job search tools and training materials, including videos, documents, and live and recorded webinars;
  • The platform has a 94% end-user satisfaction rate and a 60% annual user growth rate.

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