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A HIPAA-Compliant and Multiplatform TeleMedicine Solution

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A HIPAA-Compliant and Multiplatform TeleMedicine Solution

About the client

In this case, our customer was an American startup. It was established with the vision of reimagining the hospital wristband with cutting-edge features that would facilitate hospital workflows, promote comfort, and enable secure identification in and out of hospitals.

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Business requirements

In order to achieve their goal, the customer's team reached out to Andersen for software development support. They wanted to get the best of our consulting and programming services, including the startup-friendly approach, industry-specific expertise, transparent project processes, refined documentation, Agile ceremonies, and more.

duration9+ months
Ruby on Rails
React Native

Additional services:

UI/UX, BA, Solution Architecture, PM, DevOps, QA

Start page and screens with vital data statistics
Start page and screens with vital data statistics


An innovative RPM TeleMedicine platform integrated with a wearable device, designed for advanced remote monitoring with continuous uploads of vital data (body temperature, pulse rate, SpO2, and more). The data is securely transmitted to a cloud-based EMR via BLE technology and ensures secure 24/7 access to the results.

App functionality

  • A HIPAA-compliant, custom, and multiplatform RPM solution available via web, iOS, and Android;
  • Doctor-to-patient communication (monitoring and push notifications, text messages, and calls);
  • Low-energy Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Continuous uploading and secure storage of a patient's body temperature, heart rate, pulse ox, respiratory rate, and other vital data;
  • EMR connectivity (including cloud-based EMRs) according to the HL7 interoperability standards;
  • Clinician/patient instant access to the application and the dashboard;
  • Secure QR-code patient identification for healthcare providers.
Doctor-to-patient communication via text and video
Doctor-to-patient communication via text and video

Project results

  • Secure and continuous vital data transfer to the platform, which allows users to obtain an all-in-one solution integrated with EMR for effective clinical decision support;
  • Innovative patient identification combined with an affordable RPM solution for continuous use in any patient category, including those with dementia and postoperative conditions;
  • Higher quality of care due to more holistic and comprehensive management of patient health backed up by continuous 24/7 monitoring;
  • Improved quality and timeliness of the provider's healthcare services.

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