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A Sports Streaming and Entertainment IT Platform

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Lorean Paulus

Lorean Paulus

Product manager

"Andersen's team consists of true experts with strong experience in media tech"

A Sports Streaming and Entertainment IT Platform

About the client

Screach offers a feature-rich solution for live sports streaming and venue marketing for sports pubs and bars all over the world. Their mission is to provide end clients – venues for sports fans – with convenient and reliable access to live streams of sports events.

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Project overview

Andersen was entrusted by Screach, our customer, with envisioning and building a feature-rich solution for live sports streaming and venue marketing for sports pubs and bars all over the world. Our mission was to provide end clients, i.e. venues for sports fans, with convenient and reliable access to streamed live sports events on their terms. This media and entertainment solution was expected to ensure the best possible content consumption experience for fans to ensure their loyalty to the venues and boost their profitability.

That project was delivered in full conformity with the ongoing tech trends Screach wanted to capitalize on. Right now, more and more sports broadcasters are abandoning the traditional satellite framework and opting for streaming (OTT). Hence, our customer was determined to follow that trend and offer a wider choice of live sports content for venues. The task was ambitious and challenging, as the resulting all-in-one solution was to provide venues with a one-stop shop for their TV entertainment and marketing needs.

As a result, Andersen engineered an IT solution that brings all the sports content providers together and delivers that content via a single multi-functional app. The app generates enormous benefits for all the parties involved, i.e. the customer itself, their partner content providers, advertisers, venues, and sports fans. It can be downloaded via the Google Play Store (for Android-based set-top boxes, tablets, and smart TVs), LG TV store (for LG smart TVs based on WebOS), and Amazon Marketplace (for Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks).

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Andersen’s IT experts, with their deep tech expertise in the media and entertainment industry, swiftly developed a multi-purpose platform. It fully matches the needs and expectations of the customer and venues by aggregating and seamlessly delivering all sorts of highly engaging live sports content. Owing to that optimal combination of TV screens as media on the one hand and data-driven advertising capabilities on the other hand, venues can easily boost their profitability.

As such, the platform built by Andersen has the following key features:

  • Rights-holders exercise 100% control over the content, propositions, and pricing policies, as per a consumer app.
  • The enterprise app uses the same streams as the consumer propositions.
  • No brand/product interference from Andersen’s customer (i.e. there are no third-party ads).
  • Optional anti-piracy watermarking.
  • Full data analytics.
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Project results

Andersen's involvement in the project has ensured significant and value-adding changes for the Screach portal. Among other things, Andersen’s contribution to the platform’s development included the following features and modules:

  • Integration with social media
  • Media distribution
  • TV guide / Catchup TV
  • Content store
  • Estate management
  • Account management
  • Chat integration
  • Onboarding
  • Payment module

As a result, the customer obtained a ready-to-use advanced app for Smart TVs based on Tizen (Samsung TV), WebOS (LG TV), and Android TV. Now it broadcasts both streamed live sports events and on-demand videos to fans, for example, the matches and games that have already been held together with other sorts of relevant video content related to sports and clubs.

The app supports the entire range of expected functions, including timeshifting, pause, personal video recording or nPVR, FF/RW, integrations with the online store, etc.

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Customer review


Lorean Paulus

Product manager

United KingdomUnited Kingdom


The key aim of this project was to create a unique solution for live sports streaming. Andersen's qualified team immediately proved to be professionals with a strong background in the media industry. The platform was developed in a short time, and all requests were taken into account. The app is supported on most smart TVs, so we got what we really wanted.

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