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Logistics Solutions with WMS and OMS Functionalities

Lars Nielsen

Lars Nielsen

VP Engineering

"Andersen’s skill set and communication patterns impressed us the most"

Logistics Solutions with WMS and OMS Functionalities

About the client

In this business case, our customer was a company with a logistics solution. Before approaching us, the company used an out-of-the-box IT tool, and this tool clearly lacked an entire range of critical warehouse and order management functionalities.

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Project overview

Before the required WMS and OMS solutions were delivered, the customer had used an “out-of-the-box" IT tool. The problem was that their software clearly lacked an entire range of essential and even critical WMS and OMS systems. As a result, the customer came to the idea to develop a custom and tailored-fit WMS app in cooperation with Andersen as their company of choice.

Andersen’s team started with a comprehensive project discovery phase and deep business analysis. The customer was totally satisfied with the deliverables at that IT project stage. Moreover, they also decided that an updated and upgraded OMS tool was also desirable.

The main task of the envisioned solution was to optimize and streamline the management flow covering all the applicable resources. In addition, the solution was intended to improve their operational efficiency in terms of orders, deliveries, and materials..

duration10 months
Azure CI/CD
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Andersen's collaboration with the customer was launched with a thorough Discovery Phase. The latter gave us a clear understanding of the resulting product needed. On top of that, we also envisioned all the functionalities to deliver. We also comprehended the essence of the tools and process frameworks to apply during the development stage.

Then we proceeded with the development phase. It took us eight months. The key challenge was to build and implement a highly customized supply chain solution, including:

  1. Interface Design
  2. Configuration
  3. Testing

To achieve the customer's objectives, Andersen's development team had to design and deliver a new pick/pack module, select the technology for the picking team, and integrate it with the WMS. The order management system, EDI software, and billing system had to be modified as well.

Our team profiled SKU movements, identified pick and storage mediums to model and project replenishment rates, and elaborated labor plans and proper workflows.

At the go-live stage, the Andersen IT team ensured a seamless transition to the customer's new advanced systems and optimized processes. Needless to say, the IT project was delivered on time and within budget.

App functionality

  • Charts, diagrams, and tables are properly displayed with analytical info regarding all warehouse assets managed by a company
  • Inventory tracking and warehouse visibility are ensured. Other features include such capabilities as packing control, stock reservation, slotting, employee performance monitoring, scheduling of picking tasks, and cycle counting
  • Delivery dates for every order are easily accessible, hence, the end-users to put needed marks and receive reminders about various important events
  • Invoice can be easily created, and individual billing schedules are easily manageable. Finally, recurring billing charges are properly calculated

Project results

The new WMS solution was implemented and integrated into a web platform together with the distributed order management (DOM) system. These resulting systems enabled a truly strategic decision-making process that would embrace order fulfillment and the identification of spaces for further growth. On top of that, the highest level of accuracy and flexibility needed for seamless execution and delivery was secured.

By optimizing its resource management procedures, the web system helps Andersen's customer avoid overspending on unnecessary materials.

  • The customer's operational efficiency increased by 25% and the order fulfilment rates grew by 17%;
  • Andersen's team performed a seamless transition to new systems and optimized the customer's processes on time and within budget;
  • Inventory tracking and warehouse visibility were improved, allowing for enhanced strategic decision-making;
  • Overspending on unnecessary materials was reduced thanks to the optimized resource management procedures.

Customer review


Lars Nielsen

VP Engineering



Andersen’s broad skill set, effective approach to communication, and adherence to quality have impressed us the most. We admire their ability to understand an IT project and work together as a partner, rather than a simple IT vendor. It wouldn’t have been possible to ensure such a high level of quality if Andersen hadn't helped us with their recommendations and suggestions.

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