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A Logistics IT Project for a Grocery Delivery Business

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A Logistics IT Project for a Grocery Delivery Business

About the client

Andersen's customer requested a platform for clients located in 150+ cities to order and take delivery of groceries. As of now, it collaborates with 50+ connected retailers and delivers 2,000+ orders on a daily basis.

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Project overview

This platform to order and deliver groceries serves clients located in a large number of cities. As of now, it collaborates with 50+ connected retailers and delivers 2,000+ orders on a daily basis. With it, people can select any available store, choose the groceries they need, and specify a time slot. Couriers will deliver it on time.

Andersen’s customer is a large banking entity seeking to diversify its business. To launch an effective grocery delivery service, the customer needed industry-specific expertise, hands-on experience, and a set of development skills. Therefore, they contacted Andersen’s team to build an order management system together with an authorization mechanism and a framework for product catalogs. A data-driven set of services was also provided to offer the most optimal strategies to end-users, retailer-stores, and food producers.

duration11 months


Python, Django, Golang, Redis, Ruby on Rails


PostgreSQL, MySQL

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Web and mobile versions of the grocery delivery app


In order to create, in close contact with the customer, a user-friendly, stable, and sophisticated system, the Andersen team resolved an entire range of challenges:

  • Client service utilities, proper collection of logs and metrics, tools for reliable inter-service communications, and console applications
  • Staging and production environments with the implementation of the circuit breaker pattern and a graceful degradation design philosophy, automated logging, and metrics collection
  • Internal platform services, including a contract repository with a web platform UI, etc
  • New platform requirements and input data collection

On top of that, the Andersen team also crafted several tools to support the customer’s marketing team and efforts. These project deliverables are related to different promotions to increase the existing loyalty rates and win new clients.

This direction was focused on such marketing aspects as:

  • Personalization and gamification of the platform to interact with end-clients better
  • Capability to generate personalized client offers via promo codes or earned loyalty program points

App functionality

  • Well-functioning grocery search and filtering capability (e.g. auto-complete searches, searches within a defined category, add-to-cart features, ratings, and reviews left by end-clients)
  • Push notifications and mobile alerts so that platform users can be aware of the most recent available coupons, sales campaigns, and take actions
  • Online and in-store product info maintained in a consistent real-time condition
  • Convenient and seamless checkout (e.g. a capability to save and later reuse order template as well as multiple payment methods such as credit cards, gift certificates, coupons, earned loyalty points)

Project results

As an outcome, the customer and its partners are able to launch well-tuned promotions based on dynamic data, assess detailed analytics, and boost the overall effectiveness of marketing investments (such as ROI, incremental sales, etc.). As for end-users, they can benefit from more personalized offers directly from the participating retailers which saves their money. Finally, the retailers themselves sell more groceries and generate more revenues.

  • 2,000+ daily deliveries thanks to collaboration with 50+ retailers;
  • Various marketing tools implemented to increase personalization and loyalty rates;
  • Improved convenience for end-users due to customizable and seamless checkout options and consistent real-time product information.

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