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An Advanced EHR System for a Home Care and Skilled Nursing Provider

Laura Stevens

Laura Stevens

Communication manager

"We truly hope for further partnership with Andersen"

An Advanced EHR System for a Home Care and Skilled Nursing Provider

About the client

In this case, Andersen collaborated with a home care, hospice, and skilled nursing facility company. It is based in the USA and operates in four states.

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Project overview

The customer is a home care, hospice and skilled nursing facility company based in the US operating in four states. They approached Andersen with a request to develop an advanced EHR in order to improve interoperability between its organization’s facilities and deliver better patient care. The system had to be integrated with patients' wearable monitoring devices and provide for better visibility and control of treatment and rehabilitation and to be enriched with ambient assisted living functionality.

duration7 months to MVP


Swagger, Swift, Kotlin

Concept illustration
Nurse's web screen and patient's mobile agenda page

Application functionality

  • Customizable patient charts;
  • Medication reconciliation tools for provider and senior friendly patient app with medication adherence monitoring and reporting features;
  • Integration with an RCM system;
  • Integration with PACE Center Database;
  • Embedded ADT module with relevant alerts for better care coordination;
  • Informative dahsboards with clever notifications at the nurses station;
  • CPOE and CDSS functionalities with integration to LIS, RIS and pharmacies;
  • Integration with Inventory management system with warnings on stock shortage;
  • Senior-friendly patient portal with a tethered PHR functionality;
  • Organization of video sessions of various types;
  • Integration with a custom PMS system;
  • Telemedicine communication with a medical provider with a «red button» function. Telecare mental health solutions;
  • Embedded IoT functionality for ambient assisted living with unobtrusive sencing technologies (integrated wearable RPM (smartwatches and trackers), wireless ECG-blood pressure monitors, together with vision-based sensors tracking the patient's location and activity).

IT architecture structure

JET solution

The application was implemented via CQRS microservice pattern. Various solution modules expose corresponding functionalities to external consumers via APIs, with each API created as a container-based microservice. As for the APIs themselves, they are exposed to external consumers via the API gateway through which the authentication and authorization procedure is controlled. Finally, business processes within the modules are managed and orchestrated by the Business Process Management Engine.

Concept illustration
Scheme of the software’s microservices and APIs

The JET solution uses a wide range of Amazon solutions such as CouldWatch, Gateway, SQS, SNS, Amplify, Cognito, RDS, EKS, Location, IoT, Lambda, KSM, EC2, S3 and etc. Modules store data to their own AWS RDS for data structuring and data caching.

Concept illustration
Scheme of the solution modules and components
Concept illustration
Scheme of AWS solutions applied in the app

Project results

  • Higher patient satisfaction rate;
  • Improved productivity after 6 months of use and adoption thanks to the optimized workflows;
  • Smooth data interchange between facilities and with off-premise HIS through HL7 interface engine;
  • Fewer medication errors because of optimized medicines taking;
  • 20% decrease of patients hospitalization rate after 6 months thanks to better control of medication adherence and health monitoring;
  • 11% increase in company's revenue in the first 6 months of new product use.

Customer review


Laura Stevens

Communication manager



We are very pleased with the professional standards applied to our medical supplier development project by all of your team members. All work was timely, right to the budget, and the real proof is the feedback from our employees and clients who use this system every day. We truly hope for further partnership with Andersen.

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