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Web and Mobile FinTech Apps for an Insurance Company

About the client

Andersen's customer, in this case, was an insurance company specializing in health insurance. The project goal was a solution that would provide a smooth and simple UX for the company's clients.

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About the project

Customer is an insurance company with specialization in health insurance. The project goal is a solution that provided smooth and simple UX for company clients.

duration12 months
React Native
Concept illustration
User account pages in the insurance company's app

Application functionality

  • Registration of the Client via the mobile/WEB application with providing documents online
  • Authorization in the application (2FA included)
  • Proceeding payments with the help of integrated payment provider
  • Declaration of claims
  • Review of agreements, reimbursement requests, documents related
  • Access to personal data
  • Communication with support
  • GDPR features (forget me feature, requesting all related data about the Client)
  • Receiving System and Push-notifications
  • Authorization in the application (2FA included).
  • Review of the documents received.
  • Automated calculation of Clients’ scoring and on its basis making decision whether to sign agreement with potential Clients.
  • Approval/decline of claims with existing Clients.
  • Review all information related to the Client.
  • Dashboards and Reporting for the employees.
  • Functionality for editing User Groups.
  • Functionality for editing Scoring models.
  • Communication with Clients.
  • Blacklist functionality.
  • Integration with public establishments provides receiving documents for public establishments via API.
  • Receiving System and Push-notifications.



Protocol Buffers is used as a protocol for exchange of data that allows to increase exchange of data and to prevent network overload. Also usage of android architecture components and kotlin coroutines resulted in increase of the code reliability and in provision of much faster onboarding process of new developers.


  • Access for Clients from the both WEB and mobile application versions.
  • Wide variety of features for Clients in the sphere of property and casualty insurance.
  • 24/7 available connection between Clients and Employees of the Customer.
  • Admin part not only for primary employees but also for financial division (with dashboards and reports) and high-level management.
  • Product which satisfies Top 10 OWASP requirements and provides safe payment procedures SCA requirements as part of PSD2 regulation in Europe.

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