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An iGaming Tech Integration Project

Visual concept

Andersen's team created custom two-step integration (the business intelligence tool - Salesforce - Marketing Cloud) for the daily update of key metrics. The customer had an issue with the standard sync tools. The integration between the BI tool and Salesforce was working slowly while the integration between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud created with Streaming API had a large percentage of lost packages of data (more than 1.5%) and no resync mechanism. Together these issues had a negative effect on marketing campaigns.

duration3 months
Marketing Cloud API
Salesforce Bulk API
Concept illustration
BI tool integration with Salesforce and Marketing Cloud

Application functionality

  • An external BI tool
  • Talend ETL tool for integrating the BI tool
  • Custom connector with Marketing Cloud
  • Data Extensions and Journeys built on synced data



Andersen created its own integration with Marketing Cloud to reduce the amount of lost data and track all integration errors in logs.


The implementation of custom integrations between the BI tool, Salesforce, and Marketing Cloud led to a reduction in the number of irrelevant customer records due to synchronization issues. This resulted in improved accuracy of customer data. Additionally, the speed of data transfer from the BI tool to Marketing Cloud was significantly improved, streamlining the process of accessing and analyzing customer information for marketing purposes. Overall, the customized integrations were successful in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of data management and analysis for the company.

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