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Salesforce Consulting and Development Services

We refine the way you use Salesforce by creating custom applications and integrating ready-made solutions into third-party services

Experienced team

Senior Apex developers, consultants with an average of more than 4 years of experience and architects translate your business ideas into modern cloud application.

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Proven expertise

Since 2013, Andersen has been creating applications based on Salesforce and adapting the platforms capabilities for Fintech companies, retail and telecom giants, and clients from the Multimedia & entertainment.

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Comprehensive approach

We solve the problems of your business, and not just sell time of remote Salesforce consultants - you get ready-made solutions that fully meet your requirements.

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Technical Audit: When it’s needed

If you think that the situations listed below apply to you, then you need a technical audit, as its result is usually a list of critical issues, fixing real problems, and recommendations of Salesforce optimization adjustments.

Points to pay attention to:


Your Salesforce.org is over two years old

Salesforce has 3 releases per year, which contain major platform and business changes. In two years, even with constant improvement of the system, enough changes may have accumulated that were missed by your technical team.


Your technical team needs to be evaluated

Often a lot is seen from afar. A fresh look at the system by experienced professionals with great technical and industrial experience will allow us to better assess the current state of the system and determine the direction of further development.


Your company is growing very fast

Often, solutions that looked rational until recently are not sufficiently scalable. Our specialists will be able to simulate the state of your Salesforce instance and its modules for several years in advance to prevent possible problems in the future.


You are close to platform limits

Salesforce as a cloud platform has a lot of limitations. Of course, some of them can be increased for an additional fee, but the achievement of limits should be a serious warning about checking the optimality of the current solution.

Choose your audit option

We conduct various types of audits for our clients based on your needs and requests. Each type of audit includes a specific set of actions, having studied which will help you choose the option that suits you.

Free Audit

Key features:
  • Automotive security review (analysis of security scanner results)
  • Access review/analysis (sharing model review)
  • Platform’s governor limits review
  • Instance review (licenses and their use, org type, connected clouds)
  • Main weak point review (you are providing us an information about your weakness and we are preparing right solution to solve it)

Full Audit

Key features:
  • Business Process review (required series of appointments with your key team members)
  • Architecture Review (data structure analysis, integration analysis)
  • Manual security review
  • Scalability Review

Enterprise Audit

Key features:
  • Full enterprise audit with personal approach. The field of research and the specialists involved are discussed individually.

Improve your business-to-customer collaboration

We use the full potential of Salesforce CRM by providing services that automate your business processes, from developing cloud applications and integrating them with third-party services, to marketing and consultations on placement on AppExchange.

Product Development

Business Process Reengineering

Technical Audit & Support


Data migration

Quality Assurance

Maximizing the add-on value of your services

We design and develop tools that increase loyalty to your brand. To do this, Andersen uses the flagship Salesforce Products, including:

Sales cloud

  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Performance Management

Marketing cloud

  • Personalization with AI
  • Targeted CTAs
  • Cross-functional marketing campaigns
  • B2C & B2B Journey Management
  • Triggered Customer Journey
  • Predictive Recommendations

Service cloud

  • Service Process Automation
  • Personalized customer interactions
  • Case management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service insights for personalized marketing

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You can be sure that with Andersen, the delivered Salesforce software meets all the requirements of your business. Before starting development, our experienced specialists investigate the needs and workflow in your company to suggest the best IT solution for empowering your enterprise.


A high-class software solution presupposes a balance between complicated functionality and simplicity of use. For our engineers, such a balance is a rule. Andersen employs designers who possess extensive knowledge of UX/UI design, have creative minds, and keep up with the latest design trends. Therefore, no matter how complicated the software is, it can be used by you and your staff without any difficulties.


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Main pages


When registering in the system, a user fulfills the information about the company and goes through the identification process. A form of user identification is developed depending on the user’s position: Sales Representative or Consultant.

Registration image

Product list

Keep the list of your goods at hand! We will equip your software with a digital database of your goods with prices, their quantity in stock, dynamics of sales. With each product having an ID number, you will always see the data in real-time.

Product list image

Product card

On the database, the user can find full information about each product: its description, price, ID, brand, material, and other characteristics. Also, there are more detailed dynamics of product sales.

Product card image


All the orders are placed on a separate page. Here, a Sales Distributor or Consultant can see the details of each order: all items, their quantity, price of each item, the total price of the order, the sum of taxes.

Orders image


The product is equipped with a convenient flexible dashboard. Here, the user can find the statistics of your performance over a chosen period for the marketing purposes, pending tasks, as well as the list of orders with their statuses and delivery addresses.

Statistics image


A page where all invoices are collected. Here, the user can manage and send invoices, see which invoices are paid, close orders, etc. The sum for invoices is calculated automatically by the system.

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