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A FinTech Tool for Treasury Management

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Chief Platform Officer

"The best possible project deliverables are universally ensured with Andersen."

A FinTech Tool for Treasury Management

About the client

The customer was a UK-based multi-award-winning FinTech business. As such, it is recognized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The business was established in 2015 and is run by foreign exchange and technology experts. It has hit £1 billion in transactions on an annual basis. On top of that, the company is an Authorized Distributor of PCSIL, which has the permission from the Central Bank of Ireland to issue e-money.

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Project overview

The customer supports clients across different domains and with specific requirements and needs. In this capacity, it required Andersen's assistance to build an advanced FinTech solution with multiple complex functionalities.

duration12 months




.NET, Redis, Swagger






Gitlab, Postman, Authotest, Jenkins, Docker, Kibana, AWS

Dashboard with figures, charts, and statistics
Dashboard with figures, charts, and statistics

The project implemented by Andersen was focused on expense management and card payment technologies to offer a broad range of FinTech services: money transfers, currency conversion and exchange, credit card issuance and support, etc. The platform was supposed to be deployed in the markets of the UK and the US. As such, it was designed and built to provide prompt and agile financial management capabilities for end-users. The software is integrated with Currency Cloud, PFS, and Adyen for payment processing and FX transactions. The platform as a whole was envisioned as a new dimension blending innovative technology, expert-level know-how, and hands-on experience.

Key functionality

Owing to the contribution made by Andersen's FinTech development experts, the customer obtained a platform with extensive capabilities. The solution that we have delivered is a mobile app for transaction management, instant transfers between accounts and cards, etc. It is also available as a web-based app. Namely, the solution offers:

Account management functionalities:

  • creating cost centers with multi-level permissions and budgets;
  • integrating the solution with other accounting and finance systems; managing all deposits, inflows, payments, expenses, and foreign exchange in 15 major currencies from a single account.

Expense management capabilities:

  • scanning and tagging receipts;
  • setting individual transaction limits and balances;
  • loading multiple cards in a single step with batch uploads;
  • receiving real-time transaction alerts;
  • uploading receipts and label transactions;
  • importing transactions to accounting systems;
  • exporting card transactions in PDF or XLS formats.

Money transfer and payment capabilities:

  • making fast, secure, and cost-effective payments within seconds and with no limits;
  • sending single or multi-currency payments individually or in batches;
  • choosing from SWIFT, SEPA, Faster Payments, and other local payment networks;
  • making free-of-charge instant payments across the customer's network;
  • integrating batch payments with external finance and accounting systems;
  • setting multi-tiered permissions and approvals to manage payments and beneficiaries;
  • managing payments with comprehensive reports generated in real-time.

Advanced real-time reporting capabilities:

  • generating and tailoring reports in accordance with exact requirements for analysis and reconciliation;
  • viewing real-time or historic transactions;
  • tailoring consolidated, easy-to-read reports for multiple accounts and cards;
  • integrating data import and export with an external accounting system;
  • setting a default fee currency for each card (in GBP, USD, or EUR);
  • downloading receipt images for expense reporting and management.
Mobile screens demonstrating the app’s functionality
Mobile screens demonstrating the app’s functionality

Project results

  • The advanced FinTech solution has successfully entered the UK and US markets;
  • The transaction processing costs have been lowered by 25%;
  • The customer's team has grown threefold.

Customer review


Chief Platform Officer

United KingdomUnited Kingdom


Within our partnership, Andersen provided us with two extremely valuable representatives of their BA team. The first specialist has made an excellent contribution to our activities, in a well-organized manner. The analyst has provided needed structures with finesse and grace, and everyone in our team is grateful for the efforts made. As for the second one, she is diligent, competent, and conscientious at the same time. This specialist is capable of not only documenting and managing all the requirements with great skill, but also managing the entire delivery lifecycle. As a result, the best possible project deliverables are universally ensured with Andersen.

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