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IoT App Development Services

Connect. Manage. Predict.

For over 5 years, we have been developing smart software for interaction between people, machines, and processes, optimizing workflow, and increasing quality of life.

Proven expertise

IoT developers from Andersen create solutions for Healthcare, Telecom, Fintech, eCommerce, Logistics, and other fast-growing industries.

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Excellent skills

Certified Android and iOS developers, .NET specialists with an average experience of 7+ years, and cryptography experts create intelligent and secure products.

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Trustworthy guarantee

Our ISTQB-certified engineers combine manual and automated testing methods to eliminate serious bugs.

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Stay ahead of the curve by using IoT in full force

By 2025, the IoT industry volume will exceed $11 billion. Use the advantages of Internet of Things to automate routine processes, increase customer loyalty, set up predictive analytics, and, consequently, get ahead of competitors.


IoT for Construction and Real Estate

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IoT for Retail and eCommerce

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IoT for FinTech

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IoT for Energy Sector

The automatic power setting of generators, depending on the distribution of loads on the power system, minimizes energy losses. A single software center for managing complex systems will enable you to control workflows at any location. And the sensors for metering and automatic billing relieve the routine of checking indicators and generating reports.


IoT for Manufacturing

Manage business assets easily with the help of built-in controllers for remote equipment control. Don’t forget about the sensors for controlling emissions so that your production is compliant with current environmental regulations.


IoT for Agriculture

Take advantage of smart sensors for gathering information about weather conditions and soil quality. Check out the power of predictive analytics for production volumes’ determination, pest management automation, irrigation and fertilization processes.


IoT for Logistics

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IoT for Healthcare

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Our IoT application development services

IoT gateways

With our IoT experts, you will get modern data aggregation gateways and stop worrying about security. Managing remote devices using the Internet, as well as Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, will be easier than ever before.

Back-end and API development

Our software engineers have solid experience in building high-functional user-friendly IoT interfaces which will enable you to integrate both your applications and devices into a single whole.

Data management

Be absolutely confident of the decisions you make, relying on our extensive experience in developing software of all types and levels of complexity for real-time visualization and data analytics.

IoT and Artificial Intelligence benefits combination

Big Data is contaminated with noise. Combining the power of IoT and AI, you can easily identify patterns from streaming data and make reliable conclusions within seconds. By the way, the best antifraud systems we have built also combine IoT and AI.

Human-computer interface

We develop web interfaces and touch displays for managing complex devices, taking into account modern principles of ergonomics and usability. Thus, you will be able to do much more without feeling tired.

Cloud solutions for IoT

We will deploy and integrate your IoT applications with AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, ThingWorx, Salesforce, providing all the conditions for infinite scalability and increased performance.

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